Mario Kart 8 Will Not Feature Voice Chat

GaminRealm: This may not come as a surprise to most, but the news is still extremely disappointing nonetheless; voice chat appears to be absent in Mario Kart 8.

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-Foxtrot2630d ago

For goodness sake Nintendo, your biggest releases like Mario Kart should feature as much features that use the Wii U as possible. It will show dedication among the gaming community that your taking your console seriously. If a low profile game doesn't support big features then it's not a big deal but when a huge up coming game like Mario Kart doesn't have at least a private voice chat for friends then I'm sorry but what the hell are Nintendo thinking.

Along with Smash Bros, Mario Kart is one of the games this year which could show a huge sales spike for Nintendo if they play their cards right. I wish they would start taking it seriously.

AstroCyborg2630d ago

the anti movement nintendo drones

ShinMaster2629d ago (Edited 2629d ago )

It's almost like they're purposely doing whatever it takes to stay behind the competition when it comes to adapting modern gaming technology.

Kids aren't the only people playing your games, Nintendo! A lot of us have grown up since the 80s and 90s.
Voice chat should be made OPTIONAL. And if Nintendo is afraid of public voice chat ruining the experience, they should at least allow people to chat PRIVATELY with FRIENDS!

Ol_G2629d ago

I don't need people screaming online when they lose

SilentNegotiator2629d ago (Edited 2629d ago )

Apologists. Nintendo won't ever advance if its fans keep apologizing for everything that they don't do to advance.

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Letthewookiewin2630d ago

I agree it needs it for the masses. But I really think Nin doesn't want to have someone's childhood memories of this game, being told to go fuck their mother because they won a race. When I play MP games I rarely talk if I don't know the person for this reason.

Deadpoolio2630d ago

Yep that would be the main reason I start a party chat, and keep it open even if the other people in the party leave...I just have no desire to hear DJ Skeet, skeet Ghetto and his remixes, or little jimmy and his baby mamma arguing. Or hear what neckbeard wants to do with his pecker. Lets also not forget the morons who sound like the mic is in their mouth or the fan that's 2 feet away

bobacdigital2630d ago

I agree.. outside of a party chat system which Nintendo has never supported on its consoles.. Not having public voice chat is fine... Im playing loads of Titanfall and cod and have yet to hear anyone say anything other than try to be annoying or talk smack..

not saying it is acceptable not to include it .. but IF you really needed it you could load skype or ventrilo on your laptop or phone to get it.. But it isnt a buy or not buy decision for me.

ShinMaster2629d ago (Edited 2629d ago )

" Nin doesn't want to have someone's childhood memories of this game, being... "

That's part of the problem. Kids aren't the only people playing your games, Nintendo! A lot of us have grown up since the 80s and 90s.
Voice chat should be made OPTIONAL. Or at least allow for private chat with friends!

iamnsuperman2629d ago

I can see your point but it is still backward thinking. They could have implemented a privacy system where under a certain age parental permission must be given for said function. The problem is Nintendo is ignoring who plays video games. There are children playing but particularly Nintendo have built up a nostalgic following (grew up playing Nintendo products) who are 30 onwards. Also isn't the average gamer age around mid to late 20s. This crowd would like that.

I hate voice chat (so never use it) but to ignore it in multiplayer is silly. Killzone did it for a bit (arguably even more silly) but they found some sense. Hopefully Nintendo will patch it in.

camel_toad2629d ago


Funny bubble for you - you nailed everything I hate about voice chat in games.

DC7772629d ago

Well said, let the trash talk stay on COD where it belongs.

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BattleN2630d ago

As one who plays xbox live, chat isn't needed for Mario Kart as there is no real need for team cordination. I say it's a positive as there will always be those douche bag people who dont know when to shut up!

swice2629d ago

Yeah but I still would like to talk shit with my other ADULT friends while I'm playing with them.

Jay70sgamer2630d ago

Too be honest do you think this is really gonna matter or a person isn't going to purchase this game because you can't chat with your friends online .....yes chatting with others is an added feature for online play but before online became popular did anyone complain that they could not chat with their friends online .....and just because this feature is not there do you think nintendo isn't taking mario kart seriously....just looking at the trailers from this game should tell you different and that they put a lot of work into this game for them to not take it serious .....just saying

ShinMaster2629d ago

If we used that "no one complained in the past" excuse for any advances in gaming technology, we'd be stuck forever.

Jay70sgamer2629d ago

But is this gonna stop you from buying the game because of it ....NO that's my point ....yes it would have been cool or whatever but it doesn't have it ...shrugs

Mikethejew2629d ago

Mum wouldnt like little johnnys cursing loudly or so nintendo decided for us.

MasterCornholio2629d ago

I agree with you. A title like this with a big focus on multiplayer should have voice chat.

3-4-52629d ago

* I'm assuming that most people who want voice chat, want, it so they can:

* Brag about how good they are

* Talk crap to people

* Be annoying

There aren't any strategies to announce during matches.

* Be silent, concentrate, and try and have fun.

If your talking, you can't possibly be fully concentrating and thus you are taking away from your potential ability.

People who never shut up don't comprehend this though.

Silence is golden sometimes.

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Fireseed2630d ago

As much as it's evidence of Nintendos unwilling nature to adapt modern technologies in multiplayer I don't think it's really going to be a hindrance. Maybe if it was a team based cooperative game it'd be an issue but in all honesty if Nintendo wants to keep the multiplayer child friendly this is probably one of the games where taking out voice chat isn't really an egregious offense.

-Foxtrot2630d ago (Edited 2630d ago )

If they are going to go with the child friendly approach then I'm sorry but their online in general will never grow.

People are arseholes online, they can be racist, sexist, homophobic, immature, trolls etc but unfortunately that's just how multiplayer games are these days.

Hell a lot of that is done by young people on online games we have today so this "young" audience Nintendo is aiming for with Mario Kart (as well as older players obviously) would be like anyone else if their was a voice chat. They would be the biggest culprits to be honest and that's because they most likely do it in other online games.

If Nintendo want to push online forward and expand their multiplayer community then they are going to have to take the "child lock" off some day. They can't talk about how their consoles for everyone but treat it like it's for kids.

It might seem like a small thing (it is) and it won't spoil the fun of the game or ruin it but the point is they will need to do it in the future if they want to grow in this ever changing market.

Skate-AK2630d ago (Edited 2630d ago )

It's funny cause most of the "arseholes, sexist, homophobic, immature, trolls etc" are children between 7-16.

-Foxtrot2630d ago

@Skate AK

My point exactly....Nintendo seem to be clueless if they think all young kids are innocent online

Ck1x2630d ago

To be honest if Nintendo already has parental controls in the software then that should be enough. And the parental controls alone could deactivate or activate which players have access to the in game or party chat.

ShinMaster2629d ago

They could at least allow for private chat with friends.

Reeze2630d ago

Hmm. Slightly disappointing, but I won't know what I'm missing. I've never used voice chat, because I've never had an online subscription for games that do have that option.

mikel10152630d ago

Speak out now and tell nintendo that you want voice chat!

Fireseed2630d ago (Edited 2630d ago )

We can't, cause voice isn't supported.

*Ba Dum Tsss* :D


sashimi2630d ago

Since when has nintendo listened? they just do what they want...since forever

DarkBlood2630d ago

So when do people actually talk in a racing game anyways? Certainly not during the race I hope

Ck1x2630d ago

I think it has more to do with being able to trash talk a little while playing. I personally don't use this feature when playing online, but I want the people to have it that do normally use it.