360 Emulator could be coming to the Xbox One

Microsoft’s Build 2014 developer conference is on its final day today and had some interesting bit of information come up during the “Understanding the Xbox One Game Platform Built on Windows” session. After the session finished, Frank Savage took some Q&A from the crowd and the very first question was about 360 emulation.

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DoomeDx3224d ago (Edited 3224d ago )

No way that this is even possible. You cannot patch in a 360 emulator. Emulating Xbox360 and PS3 is barely even possible on a state of the art PC because of the high amount of processing power it needs to emulate that stuff.

Old N64 and SNES games are easy to emulate because they barely take any processing power. But 360 and ps3 games? No way in hell that emulating 360 games is possible considering the specs of the Xbox one. This is just PR talk

EDIT: Lets see how many people disagree with me without knowing anything about hardware..

JoeIsMad3224d ago

With cloud computing, it's more than possible.

XxDarkGamerxX3224d ago

Just stop..

Also if the Xbox One can emulate 360 games..Then why should people still buy a 360? Its stupid from a marketing standpoint.

Sitdown3224d ago

Perhaps same reason people bought ps2s despite the ps3 being able to play ps1 and ps2 games..... cheaper price tag with enjoyable games.

ZombieDust3224d ago

@darkgamer you just stop

$500 console that can play old 360 will not keep 360 from selling, its like $100 or $150. This would not to be the thing that makes people go next gen if they were on the fence. But if it were to stop people from buying 360s, it would be because they want a x1, which Microsft would way rather see sell, so Im not sure what yoi were thinking there.

Sethry1013224d ago (Edited 3224d ago )

"Q. Are there any plans for an emulator for the 360 games?

A. There are. But we aren’t done thinking them through yet unfortunately. It turns out to be hard to emulate the PowerPC stuff on the x86 stuff. So there’s nothing to announce, but I’d love to see it myself too."

They are only just "thinking" about it according to the quote. Take what you will of that.

darthv723224d ago (Edited 3224d ago )

Wouldnt the xb1 have a better chance of emulating the 360 due to the use of DX and ATI gpu's used in both platforms?

where i would see a potential roadblock is the 360 used a custome power pc CPU and the xb1 uses x86. could be possible though.

corvusmd3224d ago (Edited 3224d ago )

You're right Dark one is this stupid...this is why PS Now and Gaikai were delayed so long right?

MS is Hungry...New Game Studios, New Games, Software updates, cloud demos, and possibly a 360 emulator....sweet....XB1 is going in the right direction. It seems like if even just part of this comes true, that anyone that counted them out was just plain dumb. It appears that MS getting embarrassed at E3 is THE SINGLE best thing that could have happened for gamers.'s not really that they are doubting, it's that they are denying...if Sony was saying all these exact same things, it's be taken as fact without a blink...even despite the fact that Sony has already dropped about half of their promises since E3. The company with the bad "promise" track record is actually Sony. The problem is that many fanboys have viciously staked their whole online persona in that Sony is god...and now going back on that would make them look retarded in front of strangers...and that is more important than actually being a gamer and enjoying great games no matter who makes them.

Deadpoolio3224d ago

Oh my god Jesus just stop with the cloud garbage...NO the Cloud has NOTHING to do with anything GPU and cannot be used for anything graphically, Azure is NOT designed that way. They only people who are working on a cloud that actually can render graphics is Nvidia....Azure does NOT again NOT function with the GPU of anything, the ONLY thing it could do is improve frame rate, or lighting or even A.I things that take speed from the CPU

andrewsqual3224d ago

Please give me a list of all the promises and then explain the half of them that have been "dropped".
Also include all the promises that somebody like you would be completely blind to, e.g. like the Debut trailers of Infamous SS, Knack and Killzone SF all being released as high quality bitrate 1080p videos for the reason of that being the exact finished game but at even higher fps than those original trailers.

And just for the record Playstation Now wasn't announced on 20th February 2013 as being a launch feature.

raiden-493224d ago

AKA streaming then yes its 100% possible hell Microsoft has more servers then Sony and they are not afraid to use them so expect something like PS Now from Microsoft.

gigoran3223d ago

Cloud huh? So... In order to use this "magical" emulation users MUST have Internet access and MUST purchase live. Wow, so they are back flipping on the whole "yeah we first said you must be connected to the Internet to use the xbone but we saw you all react badly to it so you don't have to now"? I guess they are good at backfliping after all the practice they had.

nypifisel3223d ago

lol did you really just say that?

ProjectVulcan3223d ago

Deadpoolio has one bubble but does raise a point correctly that Azure is not remotely setup to render graphics efficiently.

It's a CPU cloud, not one with a lot of graphics hardware in the servers like Gaikai or Nvidia's will be.

MrSwankSinatra3223d ago

you can not emulate games through the cloud it's impossible, i'm sorry but it is. the only possible way to get 360 games on the X1 through cloud is through streaming.

adorie3223d ago

Of course it is, it's called streaming. Duh. ;)

Yodagamer3223d ago

You're actually not wrong there was a time where they had shown off a windows phone streaming halo 4 already.

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cyguration3224d ago

Dude, there's already a working PS3 emulator. Google it.

An Xbox 360 emulator is also making good progress. Google it.

It depends on how they design the emulator and how it ties into the Xbox One's infrastructure that may determine how the emulation is done, whether its via streaming or some low level access.

DoomeDx3224d ago (Edited 3224d ago )

I said BARELY.

Its possible on extremely high end PC's. But even then the games are glitchy as hell.

Try it out for me. Send me a picture of you playing Uncharted 3 on your pc. I promise you that it wont work because the entire game is written for the CELL processor. Your intel / AMD processor has to emulate / convert every little line of code which makes the game 10x heavier then the game should be.

ASTS_19923224d ago (Edited 3224d ago )

Lets see how many agrees you get just because you said something about the xbox ones specs.

truefan13224d ago

Is doubting anything MSFT is working on for XB1 the new way to be cool?

christocolus3224d ago (Edited 3224d ago )

Lol...i think so. I want to be cool too.

Screw you MS. Enough of your lies...i will never fall for them. I'll always be doubtful of your ways even when its obvious that your doing everything gamers have been asking for.


How was that? Am i cool now? Pls tell me i am.

GarrusVakarian3224d ago (Edited 3224d ago )

I would say that a person who blindly accepts everything they are told is worse than a person who doubts everything, wouldn't you? I could never imagine accepting everything i am told without thinking about it further and bringing up any doubts or criticisms i have.

Sure, people will troll and bring up fake criticisms and fake concerns, you have done it yourself in past PS articles. But some people will question things further and refuse to blindly believe everything they are told, calling those people out for being inquisitive only makes you less competent in having an intellectual discussion in comparison.

Must suck to be so easily led.

Imalwaysright3223d ago

It is ok to doubt and understandable giving recent history but there are those already jumping to conclusions.


What.... You have a 64bit OS running a X86 Arch, all you would have to do is... Patch it lol. 64bit can handle 8,16,32 (Xbox 360) and 64bit task.

zero_gamer3224d ago

Modern X86 processors are 64-bit, including the ones in the Xbox One.

rainslacker3223d ago

bits have nothing to do with how different processors execute commands. The software wasn't written to operate on the X86 command set, so during emulation you have to create high level code to mimic the PowerPC command. That's what emulation is.

In general, it takes a lot more processes to execute those higher level commands on top of the game software, which is why emulation generally requires much more powerful chips than what the software was originally coded for.

Best way to think of the difference is that both processors work off different languages. One English, one German for instance. They may understand a few words from each other, but a full translation isn't available at full speed, so the "talking" has to slow down" to be able to understand what's being said and the subsequent answer needs to be translated as well, thus slowing down the availability of the data to the program required for it to complete it's task.

For the most part, the bit difference only refers to how much data the processor can process or access at one time, and has nothing to do with actual speed of the processor. However, 64 bit processors have more stuff to handle more data, thus making them faster. However, you are right, 64 bit processors can handle lower bits without much issue if they use the same command set.

user95970823224d ago

With this abundant knowledge and absolute certainty I'm wondering why in the world Microsoft or sony hasn't already hired you. It's obvious you know more than the professionals do!

KTF263224d ago

a lot of people disagree with you!!!

it's very simple
xbox360 and xbox one are using completely different machine languages
the language of xbox360 is very complex
software emulation needs a lot of computing power
neither xbox one nor the highest end PC exist can do the emulation and run the game in real time

XxDarkGamerxX3224d ago

Man with a brain. Very uncommon here on N4G

joab7773224d ago

Whats interesting is how MS chose to go in one direction and now is playing catchup with Sony, Valve etc. Almost like they had no idea what these companies were working VR and Gakai.

I just think that MS would have been bettered served to release a $400 xbone w/ ddr5 ram (it would work). Then announce kinect 2.0 at this years E3. Just sayin...

jeenyus3224d ago


Dude, you know nothing about emulation, please be quiet next time. There's a gigantic difference between the hard work of reverse engineering (the one you described) and emulation done by the company who has access to all technical details, the owner.

zero_gamer3224d ago

8-year old hardware is 8-year old hardware. Xbox360 was powerful in 2005, but high-end PCs nowadays are capable of running more than one instance of a well-coded 360 emulator with perfect results, particularly an emulator made by the engineers at MS. Enthusiast emulators are often poorly optimized, especially when compared to in-house emulators.

rainslacker3223d ago

@you and jeenyus above

MS couldn't even get solid emulation from the original Xbox working on the 360. They had all the technical details, and still couldn't make a fully working emulator.

Even Sony required hardware to be able to emulate the PS2 on the PS3, and the PS3 was heads and tails more powerful than the PS2. The PS2 required hardware to emulate PS1. Are you seeing a trend? Despite having full technical details, they required the original hardware.

The 360 was quite powerful for it's time. The X1 isn't as big a jump as the Original Xbox to the 360 was.

What makes you think that despite them having all the technical knowledge(which those reverse engineer people have as well) that they can simply create an emulator that will run even 50% of the time?

It's not about knowledge, it's about if the hardware is even capable of it. They are completely different processors. They are completely different hardware setups.

I don't expect MS or Sony to offer last gen emulation on their new devices natively. The jump in power just isn't there.

Despite your assertion, even the most powerful home PC today can't emulate 360 hardware fully. It's only last week I believe where they got a simple game to boot up. Playing Frogger, and playing Gears of War 3 at full speed are not the same thing.

AceBlazer133224d ago

it doesn't need to be emulated locally.they could put azure to do something we all know is possible atm.Sorta like microsoft's mirror of ps now

Belasco3224d ago

Dude, quick! Call MS and let them know that this can't be done!

Geoff9003224d ago

It's not about processing, it's the architecture which they have problems with.

However software is software, and can pretty much run on anything, however PowerPC is very different from x86 instruction set.

Toadsanime3224d ago

The architecture of the 360 and the Xbox One (and indeed the PS3/PS4) is too great in difference for emulation to be efficiently possible without having literally kitted the console with the innards of the predecessor console.

Anyone that still thinks emulation can be made possible for their discs via a software update isn't paying attention.

Talidan3223d ago (Edited 3223d ago )

Yeah, that's the only real hurdle (and a massive one that will make it next to impossible), not lack of power.

Sony doing PS2/PS1, though, is entirely possible, and even original Xbox emulation from MS could happen, but 360 emulation is going to be difficult.

Then again, Dolphin is a very smooth emulator (in my experience) of PowerPC-based hardware... so that might actually bring this into an issue of power, not architecture...

ABizzel13224d ago


It's very possible, but the realistically I'll probably be too late for it to make much of an impact by the time it launches. Software based emulation is the most inexpensive, but it's also time consuming, and which is why the 360 eventually dropped it.

solidboss073223d ago

IMO (ignorant opinion) 360 would be easier than PS3 to emulate on next gen. This would be one thing that XB1 has over PS4...... although I still opt for the PlayStation console, as I always do.

air13223d ago

I always forget how many know it all subscribers n4g has..

Lmfao if there is a post on something the xb1 might be capable of doing you can bet your ass the very first post will be a professional debunking it.

ChickeyCantor3223d ago

" You cannot patch in a 360 emulator. Emulating Xbox360 and PS3 is barely even possible on a state of the art PC because of the high amount of processing power it needs to emulate that stuff. "

Considering it's a MS product they probably do more on lowlevel for their emulator.

It's unlikely we shall see one. But doubt it.

3223d ago
killswitchmad3223d ago

It's a difficult one, I'm the face of it I would say it's not easily possible on X1 however with the pending release of DX12 and the Cloud slowly showing some potential it becomes more of a possibility.

As a rule emulators on PC's need top end hardware because of the programs code. With MS engineers on the case that removes some of the trouble involved.

Emulators are usually RAM guzzlers but again these are processes that CAN be offloaded to the Cloud leaving the console RAM to help with rendering processes.

And as for DX12 it's an unknown product but could easily house some 360 compatible features for use on the X1

Pon43223d ago

Says you lol keep telling yourself that oh here is to you -1

Gamer19823223d ago

I agree it cannot emulate it directly they could only do what Sony are doing but there cloud is used for computing stuff so it means a LOT more clouds for a streaming 360 service. The other reason why they won't do this is MS are happy with 360 still selling even though its no way near ps3 numbers they make there money from XBL so they don't care.

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JoeIsMad3224d ago

While I'm not sure about the rumors, it would be great to see GTA V on next generation consoles through emulation.

Magnus7013224d ago

Why emulate when I'm pretty the said that they were making it for next gen consoles and all you had to do was pay an upgrade fee.......speaking of which, wtf happened to that?

Gamer19823223d ago

No its wouldn't a next gen version would be great. If you want to play 360 version of GTA go play it. It's available now.

DOOMZ3224d ago

It was inevitable! Very cool...

WeAreLegion3224d ago

Streaming might happen and I hope it does. An emulator though? I'm not even sure it can be done. If it can, this would be great though!

I'd love to see the entire library of Xbox and 360 games on the XBO. Same with PS1, PS2, and PS3 on PS4.