GameSpot Review : echochrome (PSP)

The goal in each of echochrome's stages is to guide your mannequin through the environment, collecting four echoes scattered throughout the stage. If two distinct pathways appear to be touching when you rotate the camera angle, then they are, in fact, touching. If your mannequin falls through a hole, it will land on whatever appears beneath it. With three minutes to complete each level, echochrome's challenge lies not only in deducing the correct path for the mannequin to follow, but also in thinking and executing quickly. The mannequin never stops moving unless you press the triangle button to pause the action and think, but even then, the clock doesn't stop. To compensate for the fact that the camera angle doesn't turn as quickly as you'd like on some occasions, pressing the square button quickly aligns any adjacent paths so that pixel-perfect accuracy is not a necessity for success. Although the challenge can occasionally become frustrating, the short time requirements make echochrome ideal for quick play sessions.

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nightmare4524569d ago

I loved this game, I have both versions.

ice_prophecy4569d ago

I have the psp version, whats the difference between the psp and the ps3 version?

KidMakeshift4569d ago

Each version has a different set of puzzles

ice_prophecy4569d ago

Christ! Im still trying to beat the psp one. I guess i need to put more time on it. My psp serves me more as a PS3-PSP connection, with portable videos and a music remote lol...

MK_Red4569d ago

Another unfair score from GS. Echochrome is easily a 9/10 for me. The review itself isn't too bad though.

princejb1344569d ago

i like this game
is very interesting but at times it gets to difficult and frustrating

bootsielon4569d ago

Best puzzle game I've ever played. That is what I call thinking out of the box

SaiyanFury4569d ago

I've been following this game since I heard about it last year. Easily one of my favourite downloads from the PS Store. I have yet to get it for my PSP, but I'm loving it on my PS3. One of the most original puzzle games to come around in a while.