Former Naughty Dog Director Amy Hennig Comments on Joining Visceral: “Do or Do Not, There Is No Try”

By now we know that former Naughty Dog Director and Writer Amy Hennig joined Visceral Games to work as a Creative Director on future Star Wars titles, and following the announcement she posted a few comments, in pure Star Wars fashion.

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AngelicIceDiamond3758d ago

So Visceral is making a Star Wars game? That's interesting with Amy on board expect the game to have a fantastic story.

whitefang19883758d ago

That is if ea give her the freedom to be creative. Fingers crossed

AngelicIceDiamond3758d ago (Edited 3758d ago )

They absolutely will.

If you read her tweets she said shes been with EA for 23 years and has great fond memories with the company and people in it.

To some ppl EA is not a good company but to her and according to tweet, she's home.

Shes happy, and that's all that matters

whitefang19883758d ago

That's good that it's a positive move for her all I'm saying is the ea of 20+ years ago is a very different company from the ea of today. We all know creative heads of companies walking when ea has bought the team. But all the best to her and look forward to seeing this game, visceral has made some enjoyable games

OrangePowerz3758d ago (Edited 3758d ago )

I would have her rather seen going back to Crystal Dynamics for more Soul Reaver.

Maybe they can finish the cancelled Star Wars game? It look very Uncharted in space with lightsabers.


The EA now is the EA that rushed BF4 out to release before CoD, released SimCity with some bogus "cloud server requirement" always online DRM, ruined Dead Space, destroyed Westwood (including C&C) and Bullfrog. Should I go on?

BitbyDeath3758d ago

'To some ppl EA is not a good company but to her and according to tweet, she's home. '

Some people are into bondage ^_^

NewMonday3758d ago

Sony are stupid to let her go

Amy and Visceral are a great match, the studio is technically good but they lack creative vision and that is exactly what Amy will give, a Star Wars game is Icing on the cake

guitarded773758d ago

Visceral had been working on a Star Wars game way before Amy joined the team. The story was most likely already fleshed out. Still don't know where it was in development though, so she may still have some input.

Gamer19823758d ago

Agreed with whitefang EA has changed from a company that made great games and cared about the gamer (to a degree) to a pure money making machine..

showtimefolks3757d ago

best of luck to you Amy, i know you are a talented person but people on this site give you way too much credit. Its the team and atmosphere at ND just not one person's impact

no doubt you made a positive impact on Uncharted series but its not like without you the game will all of the sudden become bad.

comments below:

she left on her own like few others from within sony, maybe it was time to move on. Ms just let some of their developers go so until or unless we know what actually happened, let's not blame ms or sony

UltraNova3757d ago

Oh Amy Amy...wish u the best but..EA from 2 decades ago is nothing like the EA of today. Prepare to obey your master cause you are no longer anyone's puppet master.

vishmarx3757d ago


id rather have FROMSOFT make SR

and bout the star wars,visceral with her onboard could be one of the best things ever.
though im a little surprised both dice and visceral have star wars projects but bioware doesnt?

Ares84HU3757d ago

Don't know how that will work because Disney owns Lucasarts and all the rights to Star Wars.

frostypants3757d ago (Edited 3757d ago )

@AngelicIceDiamond, just keep in mind that EA today is nothing like EA 23 years ago. Back then they weren't the behemoth they are today...that was also just before they started acquiring and curb-stomping great studios like Bullfrog and Origin, just before they began earning a reputation for mistreating employees, and just before they became known for putting Wall Street ahead of their customers. A company will change a lot in 20 years.

Not saying she won't do good things now, or that EA never does good things. Just saying that her nostalgic comments about "coming back" are probably superficial. She coming back to an entirely different place.

Kleptic3757d ago

^^haha yeah...

she'll receive half the development budget she's used to, see 4x as much spent on marketing...

and be forced to release her work 6 to 8 months before its ready...in order to beat CoD, even though her game will be a completely different genre...

Section83757d ago

Highly doubtful. Just look at what happened to Insomniac with Fuse.

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robtion3758d ago

With great characters and dialogue. I think that's what elevates the Uncharted games above most others when it comes to story.

DoomeDx3758d ago

Great story? Uncharted does not really have a great story.

Its a basic story thats being told in a very good way. The cutscenes and acting are top notch and better then any other video game I have ever seen.

Last of Us > Uncharted in terms of story

specialguest3758d ago

I agree. The characters were cliche. It was easy to figure out who was going to be a back stabber, who was not fully trust worthy, and the plot. However, the game was very good at being a well made game that it didn't matter.

Sevir3758d ago

Well most people didn't pay too much attention to game narratives until Uncharted... And wouldn't play uncharted or remember the story and laud it so much if it wasn't a remarkable narrative... Saying the story wasn't good but then you can revel in every single beat of the game's narrative says the Story is Great, Remarkable even! An ok story can't be told excellent...

If the story was just ok then it would make waves, the game would be marked as forgettable, and there are plenty of those and Uncharted Trilogy simply doesn't fall into that category.

HeWhoWalks3758d ago

A story can be both good and basic (if this even makes sense) all in the same. Fortunately for Uncharted, with Amy (and the others on board), the stories are both memorable and well told.

miyamoto3758d ago

Uncharted 2 was Hennig, Druckman, Straley combined when it comes to story and storytelling.

They changed video game STORYTELLING forever.

I find Uncharted 2 Among Thieves' story telling better than TLOU. Fast paced, ambitious, great character development and chemistry, full of surprises , plot twists and relative humor.

but I love TLOU's take on survival action. The plot though nothing new it was that angle of approach that was unique and interesting. The ending too was very surprising.

But storytelling wise Uncharted 2 is on top.

Brazz3758d ago

point that i agree > LoS story > Uncharted story.

Point i don't agree > uncharted story isn't bad, they are very good and solid, much better than things like Gears of War.

DoomeDx3758d ago

@ Brazz,

Where did I say Uncharted's story is bad?
I just said its not 'fantastic'' like AngelicIceDiamond said.

It is by no means bad!

frostypants3757d ago (Edited 3757d ago )

@miyamoto, I think the key takeaway here is that a major constant between Uncharted 2 and TLoU is Druckmann's involvement. The fact that the lesser two Uncharteds did not involved him, but Uncharted 2 and TLoU did, seems telling. I put those two games neck-and-neck for storytelling. Both have somewhat cliche main plots...but both unfold those plots in extremely entertaining (and emotional) ways. Both also have among the most memorable opening sequences in gaming history (and I tend to think that sort of stuff is likely Druckmann's stamp).

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Cerbus3758d ago

I have to disagree, she not a good writer. The stories for uncharted are the weak spot for the games. The gameplay is what saved the whole game not her writing.

vishmarx3757d ago

her writing go perfect with adventure stories.
we dont need legacy of kain level stuff for star wars or uncharted

christian hour3758d ago

I think the franchise is in safe hands. The writing in uncharted always made me nostalgic of those great adventure films I grew up watching in the 80s, films like Star Wars :)

Of course her writing, as good as it is, couldve fell flat on its head without the chemistry and overall performance quality between the voice actors of uncharted, and not to mention the care free hierarchy-free climate within naughty dog and how artists writers and programmers all have equal say and cooperate together.

Hopefully she brings some of that naughty dog mantra with her to visceral games and the way EA operates sometimes (i said SOMETIMES, please no disagrees :P) doesnt get in the way of delivering a fantastic title. I have faith they will deliver, but there is a lot of ways it coudl go wrong. Horribly Wrong.

I'm rooting for you Amy and Visceral! May the Force be with you

anonjohn233758d ago

I hope this means that she'll be working on that rumored open world Star Wars game. I'd cry if it has that quality she put into Uncharted :D)