Titanfall Matchmaking Update

Last week we reported that Titanfall developer Respawn had been listening to recent player feedback, and released a beta playlist for Attrition called Improved Matchmaking.

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GarrusVakarian1751d ago

Matchmaking on this game takes longer than it does on BF4. We wait 90(?) seconds in the lobby, then more waiting for the game to load. It's not a big gripe, just a tad annoying spending so much time in lobbies and loading screens.

Belasco1751d ago

I agree, the wait is super long. I am actually able to go to the bathroom and get back in time for the match to start.

Palitera1751d ago (Edited 1751d ago )

Play for 5-7 minutes, wait for 3-4.

Not good at all.

Convas1750d ago

I kind of like the intermissions because you have time to restock your Burn Cards and maybe make edits to your losing or winning Pilot and/or Titan loadouts.

But those load times are sucky.

I dunno how to accurately describe my feels on the issue.

GarrusVakarian1750d ago

Yeah, i like having some time in-between matches to change load outs, sift through burn-cards etc, but 90 seconds a little too long imo.

georgeenoob1750d ago (Edited 1750d ago )

Are you talking about that beta playlist or just plain old Attrition? Cause it literally takes me a few seconds when selecting attrition, but when selecting that improved matchmaking option it's longer. I guess it doesn't matter anyway since they're implementing the post-beta playlist in attrition anyway. I do agree that loading screens take too long.


Dude, it takes me a few seconds to find a game. If you're talking about waiting in the lobby they give you 90 seconds, and each match is longer than it was at launch after a recent update. Now that they implemented improved matchmaking it might take a little longer, but it's for the better.

GarrusVakarian1750d ago

I dunno, i just turn the game on and choose Attrition, lol. I didn't even know i could choose the beta matchmaking option. But im guessing it must be the beta matchmaking because it takes a while.

The load times and the wait in the lobby in-between matches are my biggest gripes. But they aren't deal breakers, just gotta have a little patience lol. It only bothers me because i wanna hurry up and get straight back into the action, lo.

ma1asiah1750d ago

Hey bud you do realise that you can go do something else and the game will notify you when a game is found or ready to play. You are not forced to stay waiting in the lobby like past generations.

GarrusVakarian1750d ago (Edited 1750d ago )

I don't know about other people, but i don't have something to do in-between each and every match, lol. I just wanna hurry up and get back into the action. It spends way too much time in the lobby, checking out your burn cards and load outs takes no longer than 20 seconds.

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hello121750d ago

Matchmaking is for the classic Attrition and Hardpoint playlists now.

It used to be just matchmaking [email protected] Attrition.

I played it a couple of times. Attrition is not a playlist i play your team can lose based on kills against bots.

I prefer pilothunter or hardpoint, better game modes.

Iluvtrim1750d ago

Well with adding new burn cards to ur slots and updating ur weapons for pilot and Titan, as well as checking regen requirements after each ge I actually don't mind the wait between matches.

ZombieDust1750d ago

Im fine with lobby times if they make the games longer... Usually games are over in like 5 minutes.