‘Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff’ Comes Free on iOS and Android on April 10th

The official ‘Family Guy’ mobile game, titled ‘Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff’, has been announced for an official April 10th release for iOS and Android.

In a partnership between Fox Digital Entertainment (the same team extending ‘The Simpsons’ brand in Tapped Out) and mobile developer TinyCo, ‘The Quest for Stuff’ will bring the city of Quahog onto the small screen with the cast of Family Guy.

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xHeavYx2679d ago

I played the Simpsons one and was fun, but unless you pay for stuff you get nowhere. I'm sure this will be the same thing

dazzrazz2679d ago

Thats why you root ur device and get modded game with unlimited credits. Piracy you say ? Game was free to download in the 1st place so...

BitbyDeath2679d ago

Don't buy the donuts from EA they are cheaper elsewhere. It is ridiculous that they expect people to pay $100 for a couple of characters or buildings.

crusf2679d ago

"Family Guy: The quest to overthrow Simpson's Tapped Out!"

PCGamingNoobs2679d ago

south park....... that is all!!

ibrake4naps2679d ago

wish they'd make a console family guy game as good as stick of truth!

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