Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate: Deluxe Edition Review — paulsemel

Like the 3DS & Vita versions, Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate Deluxe Edition (PS3, 360, WiiU) is a botched attempt to make a side-scrolling Arkham game.

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SteamPowered1659d ago

Well now Im glad I passed this one up. I landed Arkham Origins for $10 on Steam last week anyways. That should help my Batman fix.

cfc781659d ago

Arkham origins is the only one i haven't played yet was thinking of getting this edition guess i'll think again.

beerhound1659d ago

Arkham Origins is the weakest of the 3 for sure. If you're going to get it, don't get this one, get the regular one that came out last year.

Jeff2571658d ago (Edited 1658d ago )

Just so you know this game is a sequel to Batman Arkham Origins. It originally released on the Vita and 3DS. This version just makes it for the other systems with updated graphics and a few other changes. It is a 2.5D side scrolling Metroidvania type game. It does have a farily decent storyline so far and I am actual enjoying it on my Vita. I also got it today for my PS3 so I could see what changed and to earn the trophies twice.

daveddy19721659d ago

I got this for wii u and im having a great time with it,no way its a 4/10,I don't pay attention to the end its just an opinion,in the end I'm having fun with it and it is worth $20.