Commando 3 & SF IV Beta Coming Next Week?

If the latest Xbox LIVE mailshot titled, "The Crowd is Waiting For You", is anything to go by, it looks like next week's Xbox LIVE Arcade title will be Wolf of the Battlefield: Command 3.

Sneakily tucked away in the Xbox LIVE Team's email newsletter you will find an ETA of 28th May... So gamers could be battling away to sound of co-op gunfire next Wednesday, although this has yet to be confirmed on its official homepage on which still lists the Arcade title as "TBD". Only time will tell.

For those of you who have not seen the trailer for this upcoming shooter you will be unaware that this game will also come with a beta code for Capcom's High Definition version the classic Street Fighter 2. This has now been spun on its head with the mention of "Better still, buy it now and get a code for the Street Fighter IV beta test too!"

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