Warface: Beta Analysis (Xbox 360)

Lens of Truth writes "Welcome back for yet another exciting Analysis, come join us as we benchmark the recently released beta for Crytek’s new “free-to-play online first person shooter” Warface. For starters, the open beta is only available to Xbox Live Gold members, and also PC. Unfortunately, PlayStation 3, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 owners are out of luck. Which is kinda odd wouldn’t you agree? Anyway, the visuals are not very impressive considering its using CryEngine 3, but then again its free."

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Ra30303531d ago

I have played the Warface Beta the last few days and It does have some connections issues which seem to be getting better and it is in the Beta stage so there will be some issues. I love the game play and the co op the missions get more difficult as you progress. I think it's a outstanding FPS game IMO. The co op portion of the game is great and if you have friends you could run through it together with it would increase the fun factor. The first couple missions are pretty much run and gun with the opposing force being so so things do change in the third and forth missions and it becomes much more of a challenge with team work required. I can't comment on the verses portion of the game as I've not spent any time in it. It is a large download but IMO worth the space and the time.

RudeSole Devil3531d ago

I agree with you, but the connection issues are rather annoying.


New “Heist” Season Launches in Warface for Consoles

MY.GAMES and the Warface team are pleased to announce that the Heist season is available now on PlayStation and Xbox consoles. It will also be available for Nintendo Switch soon.

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Siren Joins Warface Agents

For the multiplayer first-person shooter Warface, the second part of the Secret War update has been released.

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Warface introduced a new system of contracts

For the multiplayer first-person shooter Warface, the first part of the Secret War update has been released. One change is the new contract system, as well as servers unification.

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HyperMoused849d ago

It would be great if this was actually playable in Australia, they sold the damn game with no local servers, its impossible to play

BlackDoomAx849d ago

I should go back to this game.