Destiny Writer Quits as Bungie Talks Master Chief's Influence

Senior writer Dave Mongan departs from Bungie after three and a half years.

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WeAreLegion1685d ago

Sad to see him go. I wish him all the best in the future.

Still can't wait to play Destiny!

KingKevo1685d ago

Why is it sad? Why do people always say it's sad if someone leaves a company?

I mean, if you read his tweet then you'd know that his work on the game was done. He finished his writing on the game and then left because there was nothing for him to do there anymore, it's quite normal actually and it's not like he had to go or something went wrong or whatever, he just did his job and as a writer he sometimes has to be more flexible and has to find a new project in order to make money and maybe express some of his other ideas.

I'm actually really happy for him.

raWfodog1685d ago (Edited 1685d ago )

Maybe people are just sad to see people leaving a great team. He didn't say that anything bad happened, just that he was sad to see him go. Granted, that seems like he knows him on a personal level...

But you can still be sad even if the person is happy. When some cool people leave my job and are moving on to better things, I'm happy for them but still sad to see them go.

KingKevo1685d ago (Edited 1685d ago )


Plausible, but not likely. I mean yeah, Bungie is great and that guy is probably too, and he was a part of that team, but I'd still say that he was not a key member or part of that team, being on a team for such a short time for one project only suggests that he was hired just for that game, so it's not that surprising.

And I highly doubt Anonymous up there knew him, seems more like he's trying to get some bubbles. He probably just read the title and has learned that saying 'sad that he's leaving' and 'all the best for him' will do the job for him after some recent stories were people got fired or had to leave for other reasons.

People have contracts and leave companies, normal, but no reasons to be sad about a guy who only worked there for 3.5 years and you don't even know any of his work on the game, like we don't know anything about if his writing is good or not, but that's not the point, even though it's probably good imho.

I just wanted to point out that people need to look into these kind of things and read a story before commenting, and that they should not be commenting for bubbles only, because that guy's comment is pointless but people, as always, agree. Because it's nice to say such things and they like Destiny and look forward to it, like me, but don't get or don't care what the real story is.

Nobody knows the guy, he's not a core part of Bungie, so don't be sad for him or Bungie, and of course he'll find a new job, he seems to know his business and worked for a big company on a big game. Guys like Legion should stop being such hypocrites.

And I do totally agree on that. Like the Amy Henning case, that's a different story and even though we do and will never know what happened, she left for different reasons. It might have been creative differences or how the game went into a different direction than she intended it to go in, same with Justin Richmond. It's especially sad because they left during the project and writers/directors that just tells you that something must have happened. Also they have been associated with ND for a long time.

However in this story, the guy was just hired for Destiny, maybe had the option to stay but didn't take it, who knows, but his work was done and the project was finished. The game will release in a few months, but the writing part for the main game (or whatever he wrote, maybe more) is already done so the guy left after completing all of his work. And why wouldn't you want him to leave? We don't even know if the writing is exceptional or not. Maybe in a few months you can say it's sad that he left, or maybe not, who knows how many writers they have for the game (he was the senior writer btw). And no one did ever associate the guy with the game. Nothing against him, but I have nerver herd of him at all and he's not a known key member of Bungie or so, it was his first game for them.

But why am I even trying, ignorant people are ignorant. I'll just wait for the Beta and won't care about who wrote or didn't write something an does or doesn't work for Bungie.

CorndogBurglar1685d ago

Thats actually a really good way of looking at it.

As fans, sometimes we may want people to stay where they are because we like them or their work, but thats kind of a selfish reason, even if its understandable.

WeAreLegion1685d ago

Well, that was taken too far.

It's sad to see him leave a great team. I was looking forward to his future work with Bungie. Nothing more. Jesus. It's too early in the morning to be blowing things out of proportion.

morganfell1685d ago

It doesn't matter what level of involvement a person has at a studio. They could be the Creative Lead or the janitor. If they leave the studio the business and the project is doomed. Period. DOOMED I tell you. Just ask IGN...

Patrick_pk441685d ago

Some people believe these developers are actually real life friends of theirs, it has become really creepy. For example, some no name man leaves a development company, "I wish him all the best, he was such a great man who loved to spend time with his family. I can't wait to see what he has up his sleeves."

Priestwithgun1685d ago

in this age of feigned sympathy and facebook lawls and awws,expect such comments

chrismichaels041685d ago

This is the point i was making last week after Sonys studio Naughty Dog lost a couple of developers. Big studios are all losing key employees....not just Sony. The newest departure happened in Bungie. The gaming landscape is changing and evolving. It seems like only Sony is losing so many people because they have a lot of studios.

Case in point, Gears of War and Halo are two of the biggest known xbox franchises. But when Epic lost Cliff Blezzinski or Bungie lost Dave Mongan, it didnt look bad on MS because they dont own those studios and farm out most of their games through 3rd party studios.

Same thing if tomorrow Dead Rising 3 studio Capcom or Titanfall studio Respawn hypothetically announce losing people. My point is we cant make a big deal about studios losing people because that is just the unfortunate nature of the industry.

Gamer19821685d ago

A lot of people are leaving a lot of big teams lately.. I'm smelling a new team lead by a very rich backer coming..

WeAreLegion1685d ago

There's always someone around to take your simplistic comment and make it into some sort of over the top socioeconomic evaluation. Why do you do this crap?

TheDevKit1685d ago

Stop taking it so literally.

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Matt6661685d ago

See I in two minds about Destiny, it might be amazing because bungie being involved but it might turn out total rubbish because of activision, but I guess we have to wait and see

candy_mafia1685d ago (Edited 1685d ago )

Creative differences, or his work is complete on 'Destiny' project....not the fall of another studio.

Are we paying attention fanboys?? Lulz

3-4-51685d ago

Basically, the story is complete.

No need to show up to the office everyday for NOTHING.

Makes sense.

No he can put this game on his resume and get paid more for his next job.

Good for him, looking forward to the game and story.

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Yaay4me1685d ago (Edited 1685d ago )

Destiny is my most anticipated game followed closely by The Order. I dont remember the last time i was this excited for a FPS. Not sure why he left, i wish he would have stayed with bungie.. Surely he will b missed

raWfodog1685d ago

"Not sure why he left, i wish he would have stayed with bungie.."

From the actual article:
"After 3.5 yrs @ Bungie my work on #Destiny is done! Immensely proud of this project. It will change the gaming world."

Mystery solved.

wsoutlaw871685d ago

lol what, you actually read the article?

Yaay4me1685d ago

I actually read the articles. But that statement leaves a lot to the imagination

SITH1684d ago (Edited 1684d ago )

Lmao! I am going to stick this bubble in you whether you like it or not.

monkeyDzoro1685d ago

Damn... something odd is going on there right ? No... no, you don't think so ? Ok.

rdgneoz31685d ago

He was a writer for the game. His tweet says "After 3.5 yrs @ Bungie my work on #Destiny is done!" Seeing as the game is coming out in Sept (5 months to go, probably 4 months till it goes gold), the story portion is most likely done. Not like he left in the middle of his work.

Funantic11685d ago

He's basically saying Destiny is based off Halo. That isn't a bad thing but it's nothing new.

ramiuk11685d ago

the game is way to much like halo imo,infact its so much like halo im suprised MS havent complained about it,with it being on ps4 too

UltraNova1685d ago

If I want to play halo I'll do so by -guess- play Halo. If this turns out to be anywhere near haloish I'm canceling my preorder.

OpieWinston1685d ago

MS isn't run by ignorant petty douchebags like Jonathan Blow. They're more focused on creating experiences LIKE Destiny to get people pumped.

If anything we may get a Halo version of Destiny with multiple factions to play as. (Covenent/Humans) fighting off against Heritics/Brutes/Rebels/Flood/P rometheans.

Shadonic1685d ago

How is it like Halo ? because of the sci fi aspect thats been in countless games before? I mean none of us have played it and yet were saying that its like Halo because of some of the visual architectural designs remind us of Halo or because Bungie made Halo.

ramiuk11685d ago

im not bashing halo,i love halo.
but the enemies in destiny for a start,infact im not even explaining the similarities as there is loads.

dont take too similar as an insult to the game,it wasnt.
but you can tell that its made by the same developers instantly

DoubleM701685d ago (Edited 1685d ago )

Why should they complain about that? Microsoft still own stock in Bungie LLC. It was part of the deal if they wanted to branch out and do other things. The reason why PS4 footage has been shown the most or seems like it's been the lead in. Is because Bungie is trying to distance themselves away from Microsoft.

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wsoutlaw871685d ago

how did you get that its based off halo? The only thing they talked about was the design of the character and the fact that he would be wearing a helmet like master chief.

SITH1684d ago (Edited 1684d ago )

To halo gamers it was disgustingly obvious. I have spent the past months after destiny was announced laughing at all the sony gamers who hated on halo, and praise destiny today without even touching the game once.

Looking at destiny, it is obvious bungie ported over the animations from halo, and used plenty of art design from halo. That is especially apparent in the armor. Not that it is a bad thing. If it works it works. And halo worked very good.

cfc831685d ago (Edited 1685d ago )

I didn't bother with Halo. I played Halo 3 for a level or 2, and i just didn't see what the big deal was supposed to be. If Destiny is like Halo, i'd have no problems not buying it. Mass Effect 4 is the game i'm anticipating the most.

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