Something Weird Is Going On at Sony, Naughty Dog

Two key people have departed the Uncharted 4 team, and Sony is seeing numerous other layoffs and departures. What's going on?

-Foxtrot3757d ago (Edited 3757d ago )

You think.....a lot of people are leaving from different studios who have key positions and it's becoming worrying in my opinion.

I mean people leave all the time in this industry but some departures like Hennigs stuck out for me. Knowing how the concept of Uncharted was her "seed" which the rest of the ND team "watered" I don't see why she would leave half way through development. I mean you would at least see the project through when it's a franchise you helped create. She dosen't look like the type to go "...DONE" and walk out. The project was still mo capping aswell something her and even the Game director see through, with Henning there (if you've seen the behind the scene videos) it gives her freedom to make the story better because she can change the script while they are acting if something doesn't flow well. Having someone else now might ruin that.

I mean come on guys, the creative director AND game director have left...I know we will all like the believe that this is nothing and Sony/Uncharted is fine but to be honest it really doesn't look that way. Something is up...not just at NaughtyDog but at Sony in general.

Some departures might just be Sony cleaning up, like if someone is wasting money in development but others like Hennig seem weird to me with the unusual circumstances

NewMonday3757d ago

dear IGN,

sitting around speculating is what we do here in the comment section and on gaming forums. as "journalists" aren't you guys supposed to go out their and get us some answers?

-Foxtrot3757d ago (Edited 3757d ago )

They can't ask for answers...I doubt IGN would risk not getting sent free goodies and exclusive rights to previews/announcements in the future :D

iamnsuperman3756d ago (Edited 3756d ago )

That is one thing I have never understood about the gaming media. These people must have built up contacts and networked yet big sites either post news (sometimes coming from external sites having "insider knowledge") or they just speculate. No-one (big sites) seems to actively do something about the news.

Pandamobile3756d ago (Edited 3756d ago )

IGN isn't journalism, it's gaming entertainment.

truefan13756d ago

Sony should have restructured as last gen was coming to a close instead of waiting until current gen began. Expect the uneasiness to continue until employee confidence builds back up. During what should be the best period for ps4 there has been a lot of turmoil. Also the key people not leaving heart felt messages should be noted.

DragonKnight3756d ago

This has already been addressed though. The layoffs are part of Sony's attempt at streamlining game production to be more focused. Smaller teams means less conflicts and greater attention to detail.

People leaving is their own choice. One dev left to take care of his son, Jack probably felt he accomplished everything he could at Sony. Gaming "journalists" are nothing more than tabloid reporters these days.

ShinMaster3756d ago (Edited 3756d ago )

This video has no new information. Nothing that we didn't already know.

People may be connecting dots that may not even be there in the first place.
For example, DriveClub's director left because his son was diagnosed with a potentially life threatening condition and he works 220 miles away from home and for 5.5 days a week.

It may be a string a coincidences. Or maybe Sony is tightening things up a bit, making game production more focused and streamlined. Maybe they let things get a little too big and ended up with too many game directors in one studio.

scott1823756d ago (Edited 3756d ago )


It really disgusts me to read what you wrote. I will give you the benefit of the doubt and think you just haven't seen the message from the drive club dev. If that wasn't a heart felt message then you have no heart.

TOTSUKO3756d ago (Edited 3756d ago )

Its actually common for journalist to voice opinions. Like the editorial section in the newspaper.

Gaming journalism is more opinion and speculation than factual news though.

Baccra173756d ago

Didn't we just do this last week with a written article? Did we really need a video on this now?

fr0sty3756d ago

IGN must be getting desperate for hits. This is the second time they've done this story, despite being put in their place last time.

kreate3756d ago


'IGN isn't journalism, it's gaming entertainment'

isn't journalism part of ign though?
like one of their departments?

AngelicIceDiamond3756d ago

@Monday Wellsaid.

They're the ones with the journalism degrees how bout they try finding answers for us to speculate instead of just sitting around making jokes.

Tapioca Cold3756d ago

No shit eh?

Thank you NewMonday for speaking intelligently on this forum.

People get fired and laid off. Just cauae your name is on a great product doesnt mean you werent the one hindering its process before release.

Flutterby3756d ago (Edited 3756d ago )

How does an article with even less info than we already know get second on hottest topics??? What a waste of time this was. We already know why a few people left why do we need "journalists" to tell us what we all know. It's nothing important or worrying.

MrDead3756d ago


Speculating is far more popular than finding out the truth. The truth is often boring and quite sad as we found out last week..... and it doesn’t generate this much interest.

Why bother with journalistic integrity when you can just make up news.

TheDivine3756d ago

Sony is closing all studios that don't make hits, slimming down the rest, and churning out the sellers ala MS, Activision, and Ubisoft. They tried letting devs run wild and they got games that suck ass and sell like shit. Sure one in ten is great but the other 9 are still crap. Other devs take 5 plus years to make games. That only works if your a huge franchise like Elder Scrolls, Half Life, or Zelda (any Nin ip really). They're bleeding money which isn't sustainable.

Sony is dropping everything that isn't big blockbusters with guns and explosions like Infamous, Killzone, Uncharted, TLoU, Driveclub, GT, GOW exc. They want the dudebro mainstream audience with the ps4. There's a reason they only released KZ and Infamous so far. Big graphics, lots of action, little substance. Its what sells. Btw not knocking those games. Infamous is pretty damn good but I want some RPGs, jrpgs, adventure games, survival horror, something other than the norm.

johndoe112113756d ago


What the hell are you talking about????

ajkula3756d ago

Nothing to worry about,,,,
Amy hennig only did uncharted 1's script as her best.
And this u4 director is best friend of hers, she's even the one who's got him the job at ND...
Nothing to worryabout,,,

morganfell3756d ago (Edited 3756d ago )

@ iamnsuperman,

Actually they haven't any real contacts. No one that has been in the gaming industry more than a day likes or trusts these people.

You work hard, they praise your material in previews sucking up to you and then on launch day they attack the very things they talked up previously. They do so without justification, standards, or even the least bit of actual development experience. You are restricted from debating these people or pointing out the massive, canyon wide flaws in their damning of your work.

So called journalists (what a joke) are viewed as a necessary industry evil, a leech, a succubus that works outside the business. You keep them at double arms length. If they do not have to know then they do not get to know.

In the absence of knowledge they revert back to what they are always, unprofessional outsiders with failed aspirations who possess a platform to damage gaming.

Idiots all without the slightest bit of responsibility to the industry and the fans whom they are supposed to service. I say supposed to because in reality they only further the company for whom they work and their own fat, bloated, puss filled egos.

candy_mafia3756d ago (Edited 3756d ago )


OMG that's so true.

I subscribe to IGN, Gamespot & Machinima among others, and all I see is 'repeater' journalism. Meaning, they have a bunch of researchers trawling the net and just repeat what's on there with zero investigation at all.

N4G already does what these sites do and more...

frostypants3756d ago (Edited 3756d ago )

@NewMonday: Well said. Bubs. IGN is headed down the crapper. Gaming "journalism" today has, much like the rest of the media, devolved into nothing more than an echo chamber, where everybody is just talking about what everyone else said or printed, and no one is actually doing any investigative journalism.

pyramidshead3756d ago

truefan1 still trolling I see. Keep up that one bubble fight, kid.

3-4-53756d ago


^ Just in case they forgot what Journalism is supposed to be.

Moz3755d ago

@TheDivine Agree with a lot of what you said but Sony are still exploring more interesting concepts just now doing most of that through nurturing the indie dev. The PS+ free games so far have offered some nice games.
And there's definitely not a lack of survival horror at the mo Outlast is great, Daylight and the evil with are both looking very interesting.

N2NOther3751d ago

They ask. Can't be helped if people don't answer.

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iamnsuperman3756d ago (Edited 3756d ago )

"I mean come on guys, the creative director AND game director have left...I know we will all like the believe that this is nothing and Sony/Uncharted is fine but to be honest it really doesn't look that way. Something is up...not just at NaughtyDog but at Sony in general."

Well Justin got a job at riot so I don't see that as odd. For all we know riot could have persuaded him to leave. Amy leaving is more suspicions since she isn't doing anything now (as far as we know which is a red flag). I hear your fears for Uncharted as a new face could bring changes but it depends on the new face. That new face could do a good job

All the other cuts make sense. They sounded like some projects were stalling/failed which is always the risk of new ip (the general consensus of what happened)

Edit: @reply below
Well in Justin case would that work for him? Would there be a positions left a riot for him to fill if he waited. Uncharted could be at least a year from release and your working constantly till shipping date to get the game done. Riot could have snatched him up and justin could have seen better future and exciting prospects at riot. There is no indication he just bolted. Not everyone sees a project through till the end if a more exciting or even the perfect job comes up.