Top 5 Worst Wii Titles

Okay, so if you're reading this website, chances are you're a fairly hardcore gamer. And if that's true, then you most likely know enough about the industry to realize that there are a lot of terrible games out for the Wii right now. Sure, there are terrible games on every platform, but the shovelware just seems to keep piling up high on Nintendo's latest offering.

So when taking on the task of finding five of the worst Wii titles around, the problem wasn't finding the games – it was narrowing a rather large list down to such a small number. But still, for your amusement, NZGamer have gathered together five games that stuck out in their minds like a sore thumb that got infected with a terrible virus. And now has to get amputated.

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M_Prime5362d ago

they missed FARCRY VENGENCE.. that game is so broken graphically its not funny.. and the game is not fun.. i bought it and the guy at EB warned me.. but when you own every game out there (this is around launch) and you have 40 bux credit then you think.. Maybe hes wrong.. and i was WRONGEST..

though that London Taxi game lagged so bad!

Wil Wheaton5361d ago

London Taxi is actually a port of a ps3 game...i guess that just goes to show you how powerful the cell really is...

Lumbo5361d ago

they missed "Wario ware:Smooth moves"

That game was a serious waste of money, and a PAIN to play .. and utterly UGLY.

jinn5361d ago

it's hard to decide from all the possibilites

No FanS Land5360d ago

there are way more than only 5 wii title...

Actually, the topic should be "the only 5 worth or so playable wii titles"