Meet the best Call of Duty team in the world

GamesBeat: Complexity beat out 30 other teams to win the world championship title in Call of Duty: Ghosts.

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NagaSotuva1660d ago

I'm surprised it's not a bunch of 12-year-olds.

N0gg1nsh0tz1660d ago

They may not be 12 but they have the minds of 12-year-olds.

Philthy1660d ago

This was not witty at all, it just makes you look ignorant.

supersonicjerry1660d ago

if you knew anything about the cod competitive scene with pro players you wouldn't be saying that.

Th4Freak1660d ago

@supersonicjerry You're talking about this CoD competitive scene ?

Magnes1660d ago

@the4freak I think the wall between the two teams is a good idea those guys are 1 step away from a brawl.

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ColManischewitz1660d ago

I wonder how long they'll be "the best"?

Allsystemgamer1660d ago

Till the bell rings at school

venom061660d ago

nerds playing a video game for money that they could make CONTINUOUSLY if they had a real job... psssh, whatever, nothing to see here, move along.. AND NO CoD IS NOT A SPORT before some idiot tries to say that it is...

Sadie21001660d ago

Damn, that's good money. I'd be happy if my kid got a piece of that!

Utalkin2me1660d ago

By the time you pay the sponsor and complexity has a coach they pay. Then taxes being paid, they will be lucky to get 30,000.

Panthers1660d ago

Is that how it works? I know SC2 pros get paid a salary plus their winnings.

Not to mention the sponsor pays the team. Why else get a sponsor? But I dont know anything about FPS pro players. Never wanted to watch COD. SC2, Hearthstone, and LoL are all I watch.

darkronin2291660d ago

Wow really? That low? I figured they'd have to cough some of it up, but not that much.

Brix901660d ago

You have no idea what your talking lol 30,000 ok

candy_mafia1660d ago

Not to sully the news, but how can they be the best in the World when the tournament was restricted to just Xbox One users?

Maybe they're the best COD team on Xbox one in 13 countries, but not in the World.

crusf1660d ago

Overblown titles for hits. Welcome to the new age of journalism. Have fun.

Studio-YaMi1660d ago

Your comment is SPOT-ON! not only is it only on one console,but it's also for 13 countries only,how does that = the world !?

QuantumWake1660d ago

Complexity has been dominating the COD scene for quite some time now. Even before the Xbox One came out. But I get the point you're trying to make.

Summons751660d ago

How can you be the best at call of duty? All you do is run frantically shooting aimlessly and you get kills. Its not like star craft where you have to have intelligence to play

Pretty sad that paying over 120$ every year for the same game is considered a life achievement. Oh codbros... you just keep the cycle of crap in our industry alive.

QuantumWake1660d ago

And you don't have to be intelligent to play COD? All games have their competitive side to them and COD is no different. I'm a Halo person and I always will be, but I've checked out the competitive COD scene and games can get pretty intense.

Sure COD is pretty easy to pick up and play. But once you start matching a good team of 4 who know what they're doing, best believe you're going to get smacked.

Brix901660d ago

Your comment has no intelligence

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