Gears of War's DVD only the beginning

Epic VP Mark Rein says that Gear of War "is just the beginning!" on the official Gears forums. Rein promises that the title gets the typical post-release support Epic is known for. The company has a long history for releasing content and patching their games to keep the community satisfied and they're planning to do the exact same thing with Gears. According to Rein, "multiplayer content and functionality is on the way" and, judging by their previous efforts, they mean it.

"The reaction to Gears of War has been better-than-outstanding. We're extremely happy that everyone seems to love the game! More Gears of War multiplayer content and functionality is on the way."

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bizzy124450d ago

it will be cool if the live camera work with gow put your face on the marcus or dom and if they have bigger maps on live.oh more single player act or side story like oblivion

BIadestarX4450d ago

I don't think most people's face/head would go with the body. would be nice though.