Call of Duty 4 In The Works

A reliable source close to the Call of Duty development teams has revealed not only the existence of Call of Duty 4, but vital details surrounding the game as well, including the fact that it will be based on modern combat.

According to our source, Call of Duty 4 will be developed by Infinity Ward, the developer behind the first and second installments. The three-way deal established between Infinity Ward, Treyarch, and Activision states that Infinity Ward will develop all even numbered titles while Treyarch develops the odd numbered games, such as Call of Duty 3. Treyarch did develop Call of Duty 2: Big Red One as well, however.

As aforementioned, Call of Duty 4 is said to step away from the war torn locales of World War II, instead focusing on the battlefields of present day. It is unknown if it will take the same path as Electronic Arts' Battlefield franchise, placing the spotlight on the Middle East.

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Antan4446d ago

should be pc news also.

kmis874446d ago

WOW, that sounds awesome! I hope they can achieve what they want, because it sounds very ambitious. I'm also glad that the title is coming to the pc again this time around.

Yo Wassap4446d ago

Sounds fresh, that's one less WWI game to drone about. They were great games but there are just too many WW FPSs.

I hope it turns out well.

PS360WII4446d ago

Just like with 3. CoD2 isn't even a year old and 3 came out. I smell a cash rat and it's name is Call of Duty

Drognious4446d ago

Not to belittle current military struggles but can anyone think of an "EPIC" modern war that in any way compares to the conflict of WWII? I seriously doubt this game will do very well because who cares about modern combat? Thats ok, activision's had to lose heart sooner or later time for greener pastures(Brothers in arms and the new Medal of Honor game)

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The story is too old to be commented.