Zune to Launch Today

Few have accused Microsoft of being first to the market. But plenty have learned the hard way that the company can be very good at sneaking up from behind.

That's the tack Microsoft Corp. is hoping to take with entertainment. The software maker has invested years of effort and billions of dollars in entertainment endeavors, including television technology and video game consoles. What's more, it has said that it's willing to spend much more money, and take much more time, to see if those investments pay off.

Its latest effort, the $249.99 Zune portable player and music service, debuts today and marks one of the most high-profile attempts to take on Apple Computer's iPod and iTunes powerhouse.

Analysts don't expect the early effort to make a serious dent in Apple's market share.

"It's not even going to give the iPod a bad headache for the time being," said analyst Michael Gartenberg of Jupiter Research.

Still, Gartenberg says Microsoft's competitors may have reason to be wary of what the company's deep pockets and dogged persistence could accomplish in years to come.

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jsuch20024449d ago

Why would anyone want to buy an Ipod anyway. Zune is really no different. I would rather have a player that doesnt limit me to one service. In saying that....that is why i got the Creative vision M. Better MP3 player than both by far and works with different services. Dont even get me started on how unreal the HD display on it is. Anyone thinking of a Ipod or Zune I urge you to check out the Vision M.

tom15954448d ago

how is the vison m any better?? i think the zune is good. tell me why its not.

DEIx15x84448d ago

The Zen Vision M is a nice alternative to the iPod and Zune (which i think is really cool, just poorly designed appearance wise) but if you want a true video player like all three of those are trying to be you have to go for the Creative Zen Vision or Creative Zen Vision W (wide screen version of the vision). Creative offers much better support for video formats and audio formats than anyone else, they even support DIVX!

Marty83704448d ago

There are far better Ipod rip offs than this ugly player from Microsoft.

DEIx15x84448d ago

Because we all know how successful and nice the Sony MP3 players are. They look like a giant female sex toy.

kewlkat0074448d ago

After my 60GIG Ipod battery sh!t the bed, this was a great time to try a new product.I got the Zune Today and I'm returning it tomorrow. It has great potential with its firmware upgrades but just didn't cut it. I was expecting more pixels on the screen while its bigger than the IPOD, well that wasn't the case.The screen is a great size tho its perfect to view a movie or what not, unlike the Ipod.

My thumb started to hurt while navigating for 30 mins and playing around with it. With big hands, since the screen takes a lot of room, holding the Zune stresses your thumbs, plus the wheel in the middle is too small. I found myself pressing hard and sometimes missing. (well I have big fingers) The IPOD wheel is perfect size but it also have less of a screen.

I never did use Itunes for my IPOD since I used Anapod by redchair software, but the Zune's connectivity and installation wasn't smooth at all. Plus I noticed that I was missing WIFI and it needed an upgrade out of the box but the Upgrade never came. I tried to update but it kept telling my I had the latest firmware. So I was missing "community" on the main list and the WIFI options in settings and so on.

While I think it has potential. The things I really enjoyed was the Radio function. Wifiwould of been nice if I was able to get it to work. Anothercool feature and ofcourse was the screen size, it is great but the resolution dissapoint me.

I could of written a better review but I'm tired long day. I have to go to bed now...grrrr