Resistance: Fall of Man Review by 1up

The second official review of Resistance you've all been waiting for.

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THAMMER14453d ago

Well what is there to say?

Munky4453d ago (Edited 4453d ago )

I see 8.5, am I blind? Looks like a fun game, but nothing ground breaking. From all the reviews I have read the singleplayer wraps up in roughly 11 hours(some say 10 hours some say 12 hours), the multiplayer is where this game has it lasting appeal. Guns are awesome which is to be expected, AI is a let down, which is not to be expected. One really cool thing is that once you kill a enemy their bodies don't disappear...ever! So overall a great launch title, something to keep PS3 owners happy till the heavy hitters are released.

kmis874453d ago

Where'd the 6.7 come from? Is that the CoD3 score you're thinking of? They gave CoD3 a 6.5 for some reason.

eques judicii4453d ago

its the reader score, not the reviewer score... calm down

lalaland4453d ago (Edited 4453d ago )

R:FoM was compared to COD3, yet the 1UP official review score of COD3 for X360 is actually 6.5...

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PS360PCROCKS4453d ago

Yeah where did 6.7 come from, a 8.5 for a launch title that's not a port is pretty damn good, you're all lucky your getting a good game right off the bat. Although I will say I wonder if and this is not being a "fanboy" if the hype/new standards that GOW set might of lowered the score for this game a bit? I wonder if the 360 was out this christmas with last years launch titles if this game would have scored closer to a 9 or better?

kmis874453d ago

In the last 1up show they actually talk about how games are probably going to get lower scores for a while because of how impressive Gears was, even if that is unfair to the games that aren't in the same genre.

PS360PCROCKS4453d ago

Oh well than that makes perfect sense, IGN said the same thing about GOW in the video review of COD3, but GOW and Epic deserve that distinction for doing such a great job

power of Green 4453d ago (Edited 4453d ago )

In the IGN review i said RFOM got a half a point more than i thought it would.

DJ4453d ago

maybe i'm just seeing things. 8.5 and 9.1 Things are looking good for the PS3's killer launch title.

Antan4453d ago (Edited 4453d ago )

i don`t think its a killer title DJ tbh. It looks really good though, much better than say COD3 which i think is really overrated (expected as Infinity Ward were not doing it). Im sure the reviews will say RFOM is the better fps also. Im really disapointed in COD3, its very very claustrophobic, really hemmed in, and the a.i is pretty weak, But i will continue to plod on through the game. Resistance should do pretty well when it hits the states.

xboxlj4453d ago

I guess you would also consider Perfect Dark Zero a Killer Launch title as well?

DJ4453d ago

how that game got perfect 10's and 9.5's is beyond me. At most it deserved a 6 or 7.

andy capps4453d ago

8.5 from 1up and from that editor in particular is like a mid to high 9 from any other site. Not a bad review, wish that 1up did video reviews though.

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The story is too old to be commented.