Microsoft aiming to launch Xbox in China

A senior executive with Microsoft Corporation said that the company is stepping up efforts to bring in its multi-purpose Xbox game console to the Chinese market as soon as possible, domestic news portal qq.com reported Sunday.

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TomShoe3738d ago (Edited 3738d ago )

Interesting. China has always struck me as very PC-dominated, but it could be a potential source of sales. I feel like it'll be a waste of time for all involved, but let's see if Nintendo or Sony has an answer.

mhunterjr3738d ago

They are PC centric, partly because console sales were illegal. Now that China is making it easier for companies to release consoles in the country, there might be a chance to tap into the market.

Naga3738d ago

Judging by their past dealings, I don't think China would be afraid to offer some sort of national exclusivity deal to the highest bidder in the console wars.

And considering that Microsoft has extremely deep pockets and would love to get its hands on such an enormous (1 Billion +) demographic, I really wouldn't be surprised if something like that began to materialize. No doubt, Microsoft is pursuing it.

This has the potential to be HUGE.

Naga3737d ago

To clarify: I'm not saying I want it to happen; monopolies are bad for the industry. I'm just saying we should watch out for it. The whole China situation could turn into a very big deal that impacts a lot of gamers.

truefan13737d ago (Edited 3737d ago )

Looks like XB1 has its Japan. China likes American products like Apple, Microsift Office, and the NBA, so I don't doubt they will like the XB1 as well. I know these things because when studying finance in school that is by far the most popular major for Chinese international students, met some really cool people. China and Japan have kind of a didn't rivalry, the I'm better than you type. Don't think I'm saying USA and China are best buds, but each is dependent on the other China is a whole different beast of a market and I'm sure MSFT will do what needs to be done to be the #1 console in a fresh market. With Sony currently restructuring and trying to launch VR their hands might be full at the moment. I see Nintendo being succesful because they have handhelds on lock. All in all any boost will be a positive for MSFT and XB1 to build a relationship.

OrangePowerz3737d ago (Edited 3737d ago )


Japan also likes American stuff like Appel or McDonalds. They just don't like the Xbox for many different reasons the majority of them being that the consoles are very US centric and not appealing at all to the Japanese market. It needs to be seen if the X1 would be appealing to the Chinese market. The console isn't even that appealing to western countries outside of North America because everything is fully geared towards the US.

Gamers don't care if a device is made by an American or Japanese company. It's just an excuse people used when the Xbox tanked in Japan, blaming the "anti american attitude" of the Japanese population. In reality the device was not suitable for the market.

TomShoe3737d ago

Free explanation for everyone:

I don't think China will be as big of a deal as many people expect. The people actually making money in China for gaming develop MMOs and other games which are popular in internet/gaming cafes. Most consoles you can find in China already hacked and loaded with pirated games, and you can buy them at your local mall, they were just illegally imported. With that being said, I doubt many people are going to pay full price for consoles, or games. It's a completely different gaming culture that won't abide by the Western mentality of spending hundreds of dollars per console, on top of 60 for XBL and then 50-70+ dollars a pop per game. It just isn't happening.

scott1823737d ago (Edited 3737d ago )


Yeah, the US and China are best buds ever since Obama sided with the Dalai Lama in their growing tensions with China, despite China appealing strongly against it... Plus the US has a military alliance with Japan. Pretty sure Sony has an equal shot at China, and neither will be huge there.

kopicha3737d ago

not really. i have quite a bit of gamer friends from china which are console gamers as opposed to PC despite they do have a pretty beefy PC setup. Thou the country restrict gaming consoles in that region. But they do still import the consoles. Like many of those I know are all playing PS4 despite its not launch there yet. Besides I am not sure how would X1 do there. Because as far as I have spoken to most of those I know from china, almost none have any interest with it. asking if they would import 1, answer is no. What if it is officially launch? likely no... at least thats the kind of answers I get mostly. generally the playstation brand has always been more welcome in most asian region and that is nothing new

mhunterjr3737d ago


Are you suggesting that officially launching consoles won't have a positive effect on console sales on that country? Think about it? What type of person would go through the hassle of importing consoles and games that aren't even localized to support the language you speak? Only the hardest of the hardcore. If you want your average joe gamer to buy your consoles, it's going to have to have an official release. And that's who the majority of consoles are sold too.

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Magicite3737d ago

china might swallow it all

Sayai jin3737d ago

@TomShoe, why the mention of Sony or Ninty? China is PC centric, because consoles were pretty much banned.

On topic, if this works out that means that there we be more happy gamers. More gamers more dev support.

hello123737d ago

Sony is unlikely to do great in China. Tensions between Japan and China have soared in the last year. The peoples of China have begun to not buy Japanese goods. Microsoft may fair better it will have to be seen.

NihonjinChick3737d ago (Edited 3737d ago )

A little know fact about that issue is the US has vowed to side with Japan in the issue with China. I wouldn't jump the gun and say that Microsoft would fair better just because they are American.

dcbronco3737d ago

The advantage Microsoft has is their long standing relationship with the Chinese government. They have worked together in the past.

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ArbitorChief3738d ago

Hmm, could be a huge boost in sales, but Chinese gamers are very PC orientated and mostly involved in MMOs, RTS and MOBAs. We'll have to wait and see how it does.

JBSleek3737d ago

How can you say they are PC oriented when consoles were illegal. It isn't much as PC oriented as they had no other choice.

ArbitorChief3737d ago

There are plenty of consoles there, you clearly never seen the fake Chinese consoles.

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Nik_P7573737d ago

I think all consoles will launch in China at some point. It will be interesting to see how theses major consoles will be recieved in that country. One of those things that could be a success or a flop. Maybe roll out a small supply with heavy advertising and see what happens.

Sayai jin3737d ago

I think they all have the potential to launch there. It would be interesting to see!


hm. i think the biggest hurdle for any of the 3 console makers shipping to china would be federal stipulations/restraints put on the import.