Watch Dogs Graphics Was Downgraded On The PS4 And Here Is The Video Proof

"Ubisoft shocked the gaming industry when they revealed an open world hacking game during their annual press conference at E3 2012. Watch Dogs Graphics got people excited about the potential of next-gen. It was supposed to be the first game that set new benchmarks for graphics in open world titles."

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No_Limit3232d ago

This is old news. It was already known the E3 2013 trailer was downgraded from 2012 a long time ago. The 2012 trailer was running on top-of-the-line PC spec while the 2012 was running on PS4 development kit.

Novace113232d ago

Sorry, i accidently disagreed with you!!! :( Didn't realise my cursor was resting on disagree :( so i gave you a bubble :)

No_Limit3232d ago

You gotta be careful not to say that, the next thing you know, you will have a tons of disagrees and maybe a bubble taken away by agreeing with me. :-)

3231d ago
fr0sty3231d ago (Edited 3231d ago )

All I know is, this game does not look as good as Infamous, so there seem to be reasons other than hardware limitations at play here. Third party games do have to cater to the lowest common denominator and the engines must run on multiple hardware configs, so that alone robs some performance.

thorstein3231d ago (Edited 3231d ago )

How was this lame/ fake story approved? OT: Ubisoft and every single video comparison and many of the devs have confirmed that there was no graphical downgrade.

The is PURE flamebait and it is by someone who has 1 submission.

I hope this article is gone by day's end. Pathetic.

And look how hard they are trying to make it look different: one vid is at night and the other during the day, one clearly after rainfall the other dry leaves blowing.

And it isn't even on the same monitor.

UltimateMaster3231d ago

We'll have to wait and see.
It would be disappointing to have it downgraded.

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oODEADPOOLOo3231d ago (Edited 3231d ago )

"The 2012 trailer was running on top-of-the-line PC spec while the [2014 trailer] was running on PS4 development kit."

Exactly, so it wasn't even a downgrade Ubisoft just never showed console footage from the start.

E3 2012= PC

Now= PS4

Nekroo913231d ago (Edited 3231d ago )

The thing is...Ubisoft said that the ps4 version looks identical to the pc version, except you can upgrande resolution on pc.

So my point the E3 footage from a pc at max settings or was the game downgraded for all versions?!

I dont know if you saw it ,when Jimmy Fallon played Watch dogs on a ps4... and it looked similar to the E3 version.

But after that they delayed the game and now it looks ok

Prime1573231d ago

Am I the only one who still can't wait to play it?

oODEADPOOLOo3231d ago (Edited 3231d ago )

I get your point, and I wonder my self if the consoles have been adjusted for parity between each other. Then again the game world could just really be that intensive. It's also difficult I would imagine to spend more time optimizing when your making a game for every platform(including last gen), but I am more worried about the gameplay especially after they announced a hands off demo. That is not a good sign IMO.

vishmarx3231d ago

we'll never know really
pc version most likely wont look like that either .99%

was probably running on dev pcs.
they say the game supports upto 4k on pc.
id say if pc did infact have the old build running at 4k,then the ps4 would atleast be able to run it at a 4th of the resolution and half the framerate.they wouldnt have to change the entire game for it.

imo that wasnt even a viable PC build and only 5% pc could run it like a pro OR they gimped everything in order to make last gen versions sell better considering the hefty investments
current gen is 10 million vs 160 million last gen.they difference wouldve been day n night
had we got the old build,
they wouldve lost plenty of their sales to people hoping to buy a new system in the coming year

curtis923231d ago

@Prime157, I'm with ya buddy

ShinMaster3231d ago

The PC version won't even look as good as the 2012 version.
The graphical disparity between PS4 and PC isn't as large as it was with the PS3/360.

Remember Far Cry 3(another Ubisoft game) trailer vs final PC version on max settings.
Yeah, didn't look as good as the trailer.

ShinMaster3231d ago

Ok disagrees:

Lower polys, a lot less foliage, etc.

esemce3231d ago

Yep it's really that simple. A £350 games console does not have the processing power of a £500 graphics card plus a £400 CPU, shocking I know for some people.

Sevir3231d ago

Console footage was Shown in 2013 at E3! That was PS4... 2012 as you stated is PC... GTX 690.

Feb 2013 was a PC emulating PS4 specs, it was a little more powerful than actual PS4s but not by much.

At E3 2013 PS4 devkits were running out in the wild and it was demonstrated on those kits... Much more footage was shown at PAX, GC2013, and at Tokyo Game Show 2013 with the same footage.

I still dont know why people are flaming this when the game looks great!.

ChrisW3231d ago

PC Elitists are going to say, "Thus, I'm going to buy it on the PC."

I concur!

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HeWhoWalks3231d ago (Edited 3231d ago )

If it was the PC in 2012 and the PS4 at E3 2013, then that isn't a downgrade (how could it be with no PS4 kit in 2012?). It would suggest that Ubi showed two different versions and, may have, claimed the next gen versions would look like the PC build of 2012.

I'm not saying there WASN'T a downgrade somewhere, I have no idea, but what you posted needed some clarification.

christrules00413231d ago

Uhh you said 2012 was running on a top of the line pc and 2012 was running on a ps4 dev kit. Don't ya mean 2012 high end pc and 2013 ps4 dev kit?

Evilsnuggle3231d ago (Edited 3231d ago )

I think this downgrade crap is out of getting out of hand. No one has played the game to know enough To say that the game downgrade. I think a lot of this so called downgrade is just weather affects game different lighting of effects different kinds of things different times of day In game. Play the game they say it's been downgrade.

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Pogmathoin3231d ago

How did this story get approved? This should not be shown on N4G...... Very disappointed in my fellow members here..... Sleeping at the job no doubt.... We have strict policies favouring one side only. Game still looks good though, and how realistic do you want graphics anyway, I like realism, but still want my game to look like a video game.....

Raider693231d ago (Edited 3231d ago )

Its approved because its True!A massive downgrade,Ubisoft blantly lie to all the people!Thats the truth!Stop defending Ubisoft because they dont deserve to be defended they do this all the time!

sarshelyam3231d ago

PS4 dev units were lower spec than consumer does that even make sense?

TruthInsider 3231d ago

Dev kits only had 4GB RAM.

sarshelyam3230d ago

That was my point phil_75, but thanks for reinforcing it. No_Limit suggested that the old build of Watchdogs was running on "superior" dev units...which is obviously flawed logic considering what we've know about dev units for some time now.

abstractel3231d ago (Edited 3231d ago )

@No_Limit PS4 reveal looked as good as E3 2012. Only difference was time of day and less rain. E3 2013 looked a bit aliased but still looked good. But everything that's been shown in 2014 is embarrassing.

Second Son has proved that developers can achieve (and surpass) E3 2012 quality.

What also pisses me off is that they changed the look of the main lead. That's like swapping out an actor after showing multiple trailers for a blockbuster movie. He looks extremely generic now. It's all really sad.

sarshelyam3230d ago

I'm not so bothered by the character difference. Heck, remember when inFAMOUS 2 was unveiled and Cole had hair? Ewww!

wastedcells3231d ago

I don't even care anymore about this topic. They can't all look like exclusives do. Perfect example is Metal Gear, I thought it would be the best looking ps4 game to date but infamous looks much better. These early multi platforms are getting shafted due to the need to create ps3/360 versions too. Once they go full next gen we will see the quality we are seeing from exclusives or next gen only engines and games.

geddesmond3231d ago

The watchdogs graphical downgrade situation is as disappointing as when you bring home a beautiful woman with big breasts only to find out her bra is padded and when her make up gets messy you see what she really looks like.

It's the attractiveness of her big breast and pretty face that got your attention and you think, I'm gonna really enjoy this but when you see what it's really like you say dam! dam! dam! dam1 dam! dam! I've been fooled again. Yeah it's still the same experience but it's just not the same anymore.

Kavorklestein3231d ago

How shallow and pathetic of you. It's about the enjoyment of the female, and it's not exclusively the package it comes in. I bet the girl with the big boobs was thinking this tall skinny guy must have a big penis! Then you dropped your shorts.... That's that akward moment when she's saying DAM! DAM! DAM! FOOLED AGAIN!
Your lack of understanding what makes a woman worth while is proof that you have less to offer than these women you so harshly critique...

Devilbringer3231d ago

You Must Be fun at Party`s

Kavorklestein3231d ago

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geddesmond3230d ago


Aside from the fact that my comment was adding a humorous outlook on the whole Watchdogs graphics downgrade and reflects no thoughts I have about woman. You are right about one thing, I am tall.

I also think your so called understanding of woman is the reason why your still a virgin. Maybe you should reflect on that.

Oh and your raciest comment about being at parties is unacceptable and if you used those words at a party I was in you'd get your chance to fight. Also haha at you having debates at parties. Those parties must be so fun. Out drink many? lol you obviously haven't drank with us Irish. Please come again.

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XboxFun3231d ago

I don't believe this article. We all know from our time on N4G that the ps4 is the most powerful console ever in history. I mean its 50% more powerful from what an unnamed dev told everyone.

So if thats the case why does there have to be any downgrades? I bet the xbox one version was holding it back...right N4G. Is it too late to use that excuse?

Eddie201013231d ago

Hard to really tell if their is a downgrade. Their is no one to one comparison. This guy was comparing daylight to night, rainy to not rainy, rainy to day light. Even in 2012 they showed some game play footage that didn't seem to looks as good compared to some of the other game play trailers. I'm pretty sure their is a day to night cycle going in the game, the lighting is going to change constantly. You have to do a comparison with the sames scenes and the same time of day to even know if their is a difference.

People thought their was a downgrade in Infamous Second Son but their wasn't. Just some changes in the direction and time of day lighting, Design decisions not down grades.

It will most likely be a very good game that looks pretty close to what they showed in 2012. I'm looking forward to the game coming out.

Lord-Nicon3231d ago

I agree, tthe PS4 cant match a top end PC sorry, thats the sad true.

combatcash3231d ago

Imo looks better than infamous, the crowd appears more alive a the physics are top notch. Can't wait to get my hands on it. Infamous, watch dogs and I am really hoping GTA V lands on the ps4

Priestwithgun3231d ago

@fr0sty comparing games(graphically) where you can't even enter water and cars and you using powers in public causes no fear among people to a game which has every AI unique and touts immersiveness,good job

combatcash3230d ago


That's one of my biggest issues with infamous second son, the crowd seems so dead they don't really have personalities and i found it pretty annoying that i wasn't able to swim in that game. Overall a good game but Watch dogs appears to be a lot more detailed.

mark3214uk3230d ago

what kind of idiot puts a comparison video together when 1 is in the daytime and the other at night?

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Novace113232d ago

Watchdogs will be awesome come May (IMO) It will play well look good and sell well. Don't see why everyone wants to bash the game before it's even been released.

Didn't people try the same crap with Infamous? Guess what, the game looked and played great. Short, but still an enjoyable game.

Mr-Dude3231d ago

I for one are still very hyped. Sure i'm a little dissapointed about all the negative news lately but I will judge that for myself when I put this in my PS4.
Everybody should do that. In the future we all should be more carefull before shouting about how awesome a game looks.

Most people who bash this game, are the first in line.


I'm still somewhat hyped, I don't even mind the whole downgrade or parity or whatever... But I'm disappointed at the fact they are not putting out a demo. In fact, I'm disappinted that most publlishers had been obviously avoiding to put out demos for their full games on PS4 and XB1, even last gen consoles had been missing out recently.

This is a shame, demos being widely available was the best thing last gen brought to us: no longer having to rely on second or third hand information making a conscious decision to buy a game.

I mean, Watch_Dogs definetely looks like the kind of game I would enjoy, maybe I didn't even needed a demo, but the fact they simply refuse to release one makes me nervous. My fear is not on the graphics, but on on how good the gameplay and pace actually is, stuff you can't just watch on some video (sure I could read and watch all on it, it's the internet era after all, but them again I like to enjoy the story on my games, and let's play and too deep evaluation videos tend to ruin that with spoilers).

abstractel3231d ago

They tried _once_ due to a leaked, badly compressed youtube video of the opening level. As soon as better quality videos came out it was clear that Second Son was not in any way downgraded.

Eonjay3232d ago

With all due respect, the PS4 probably didn't have finalized specs June of 2012. Whatever that demo was running on, it wasn't a PS4 and therefore the new trailer can not be consider a direct downgrade.

XiNarutoUzumaki3231d ago (Edited 3231d ago )

It says E3 2013 - September 2013 too

candy_mafia3231d ago


That makes total sense, I agree...and Watchdogs will be awesome!

Seems to me, people be spending more time complaining about games than actually playing them.

BaronVonRhett3229d ago

Also people don't realize that the shaders and such were probably programmed differently for PS4 thatn how they were for PC. In the end, the lighting and shadows probably won't look as nice as PC, but the difference is almost completely negate-able when playing.

Lawboy23231d ago

im sick of this downgrade nonsense...the game will be so excited

jhoward5853231d ago (Edited 3231d ago )

The E3 2012 demo of WD has better lighting and dark shadows than the e3 2013 build.

I hope this isn't going to happen to every Multi-plat games cause I really like dark shadows rendering to be implemented in every game.

Metal gear 5 was missing dark shadow in the x1 version. Now WD lighting and dark shadows have been down graded by half.

So that leaves believe that both next gen console are capable of rendering atmospheric lighting but not dark shadows.

If I'm correct you won't see much games with day to night time cycle on x1's games because the x1 is just inst capable rendering high amount of dark shadows.

Baka-akaB3231d ago

There wasnt even a ps4 or xb1 by the time of the first footage . And pretty much every titles of shown at the same epriod had to be tweaked , enhanced or even downgraded once consoles had their specs finalized .

I'm only cautiously optimistic , but i doubt the same could as easily happens beyond those games , and for titles announced starting e3 .

jhoward5853231d ago (Edited 3231d ago )

I'm pretty sure what we all saw at e3 was running on the ps4 dev kit. On max setting of course.

So I expect the downgrade to be at least a 20% difference in graphics not over 50%.

If I were a dev and I wanted to make money on all gaming platforms I would make the game looks close on other platforms.

My focus are on 1st party games because it won't be gimped.

abstractel3231d ago (Edited 3231d ago )

The thing is, Second Son has as many characters on screen, has a big city and looks way better than Watch Dogs 2014 edition. SS also renders an insane amount of particles on top of all that. This is disappointing and embarrassing for Ubisoft.

HaydenJameSmith3231d ago (Edited 3231d ago )

then neither will the ps4 cause all multiplat games will look the same...

Gohadouken3231d ago (Edited 3231d ago )

You are already proven wrong by existing games showing clear differences , in either résolutions or effects and détails .

That and clear statements from a few devs . Last gen the ps3 was a struggle to get most games , especially UE powered ones , up to the same performances . Too much hassle to develop for at first . And obviously publishers wouldnt explode their budget to what Paramount at developping two sets of games .

This time both are simple pc machines , unto wich you "just" unload the game and optimize accordingly to their specs .

EDIT : Lol disagreeing with proofs and facts dont erase them and make them dissapear

rdgneoz33231d ago

Not all multiplats will look the same. There's already been a large number of games that have come out with different resolutions. If gamers keep on devs/publishers to not gimp one version for the other, you'll see the power of different systems shown. In the case of MGS5,

"One of the perks of the PS4 version, as revealed earlier via a tweet, is atmospheric simulation - a real-time approach to rendering skies in the Ground Zeroes mission. This allows clouds to move dynamically and impact the sun's lighting, where by contrast the Xbox One release joins PS3 and 360 with purely static skyboxes."

HaydenJameSmith3231d ago (Edited 3231d ago )

the differences are in res and fps nothing else, maybe anti aliasing like FXAA or MXAA but all the same lighting effects and textures apply to all games that multiplat games.

I was just replying to jhoward585's statement:
"If I'm correct you won't see much games with day to night time cycle on x1's games because the x1 is just inst capable rendering high amount of dark shadows."

hence why i said then neither will the ps4 cause all multiplat games will look the same...

cause they all do... Its not in the developers best interest to make a game better on one console than the other when they cud get good sales off both of them instead of just one of them. Ive witnessed all games in the past 2 generations sharing equal ground when come to textures, colour lighting... the only differences than were present were res and fps.
Much bigger differences can be found on PC where they actually do upgrade lighting and textures and stuff etc.

You can disagree all you want but this an unbiased opinion toward multiplat games...
I've owned all 4 consoles and this has made me come to this conclusion... mainly a PC gamer now but have the consoles for the exclusives. So disagreeing with just makes you a Fanboy Loyalist cause both consoles are nothing to gloat about when it comes to graphics...

Wish i could reply directly to ur comment but just cause to gap was tiny last gen and is a bit bigger this gen doesn't mean its substantial enough to moan about which is what everyone does(and if they are that concerend get a pc instead), and just to add if you think MS are gonna roll over and let the gap get bigger then ur stupid cause even though ps4 is the more powerful system it has very little games to show off that power and judging from all the layoffs they will be for quite a long time...

And if you think there is gonna be a big difference in the current game as a topic Watch Dogs 960p upscaled to 1080p vs native 1080p and we'll see how different the fps is when the games are released. Then your just seeing what u want to see cause no one saw the difference between 1080i and 1080p on killzone and 1080i is less pixels than 720p...

Gohadouken3231d ago (Edited 3231d ago )

Wrong again ... it is sure that MGS GZ already go beyond better res and lightning . At least that one game .

And you are just basically saying that things will remain the same , because that's how it was last gen .

We know why it was like that last gen . We know why it already aint the same this gen .

The only question is the size of the gap . ANd of course people trying to minimize said gap as not consequential or important . (and to be fair other exagerating it ) .

However people want to cut it , better lighting , stability and the jump in resolution is a big enough difference . Bigger than last gen .

Edit :
No need to attack or accuse everyone disagreeing of being a fanboy . FIY i already got all involved platforms too

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rdgneoz33231d ago

The 2012 demo was on a high end PC (probably one that can run it 4k), while the E3 2013 was on a PS4 dev kit. If you're gonna compare PS4 footage, try doing the initial E3 2013 footage to what has been shown till now on the PS4. I love my PS4, but if people feel like spending 3k+ on their PCs, it's gonna look a lot better than a $400 system.

DoctorJones3231d ago

You don't need to spend 3k+ on a gaming pc for it to look better. Please stop spreading bs like that.

Yes, you'd need to spend more cash on a decent gaming pc, but you don't need to exaggerate so much.

rdgneoz33231d ago

Seeing as some graphics cards cost double, triple, or even quadruple what a PS4 costs, its not much of an exaggeration.

DoctorJones3231d ago (Edited 3231d ago )

The point is you don't need to spend the money on a graphics card that costs 'double, triple, or even quadruple what a PS4 costs'. A much cheaper card could be bought that is far more powerful than what the ps4 has.

The point is you don't need to spend astronomical amounts of money to have a gaming pc that is capable of more than what the ps4 could do.

A Bugatti Veyron is an amazingly fast car which costs a very great deal of money, but I wouldn't need to spend that much on a car that could go faster than my neighbours Ford Focus.

EDIT: Damn, look what you've made me do, now I've made a car analogy :(

Tempest3173231d ago

Yeah, except you dont have spend that much on a video card to make it look good...just because you CAN buy a video card that costs that much doesnt mean you have to, amd anyone with any modicum Of intelligence isnt going to waste that money on a video card (especially since most video cards in that price range arent even meant for gaming, theyre for developing/3d rendering). A good gaming pc wont cost you more than 1k-1200, a far cry from 3k.

ObiWanaTokie3231d ago

but if you get a mid level card then you are replacing it sooner than if you went with a higher end card, as devs are constantly upgrading the specs on demanding games.

PC gaming is for PC gamers. consoles suit the norm and run just as fine as your mid to high end pc. there is no reason for buying a pc in my eyes. unless you want star citizen and an ass load of indies. otherwise most are fine with our ONE time investment. (minus PS+ and live of course but they are optional)

tehnoob33231d ago

You can build a PC that will blow the PS4 out of the water for way less than 3k.

PCPartPicker part list:
Price breakdown by merchant:

CPU: AMD Athlon X4 760K 3.8GHz Quad-Core Processor ($81.99 @ Newegg)
Motherboard: Asus F2A85-M PRO Micro ATX FM2 Motherboard ($69.99 @ Newegg)
Memory: Kingston HyperX Blu 8GB (2 x 4GB) DDR3-1333 Memory ($64.99 @ Newegg)
Storage: Western Digital Caviar Blue 1TB 3.5" 7200RPM Internal Hard Drive ($64.99 @ Amazon)
Video Card: Gigabyte Radeon R9 270X 2GB Video Card ($239.99 @ NCIX US)
Case: NZXT Source 210 (Black) ATX Mid Tower Case ($29.99 @ Newegg)
Power Supply: Corsair Builder 430W 80+ Bronze Certified ATX Power Supply ($19.99 @ Newegg)
Total: $571.93
(Prices include shipping, taxes, and discounts when available.)
(Generated by PCPartPicker 2014-03-31 23:01 EDT-0400)

At ~$600 you can build a PC that will easily beat the PS4.

As you can see in this benchmark the 270X in this machine will run BF4 at 1920x1200 at 50 frame per second on ultra whereas the PS4 runs it at high-medium at 1600x900 (60% of the resolution).

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