Trauma Center: Second Opinion Review

As one of the most popular cult classics on the Nintendo DS, Trauma Center: Under the Knife was a trailblazing game for the system, showing that the obscure and innovative titles were truly seeing their moment in the spotlight. Now that the DS has seen a console evolution of sorts, Trauma Center has as well, now hitting the Nintendo Wii in the form of Trauma Center: Second Opinion. When word got out that Second Opinion was actually a remade version of the DS title (something developers playfully refer to as a "Wii-make"), the hardest of the hardcore gamers experienced some mixed feelings. Would the fact that Trauma Center began as a DS title mean that it was merely a shoddy port? Was Nintendo sending the wrong message by allowing games like Big Brain Academy - a top DS title based not on visuals, but on gameplay - to see simple evolutions in favor of high-def graphics? While we can't speak for future titles that follow the company's Big Brain example, one thing is definitely certain after storming through Second Opinion: It rocks

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d4forever4445d ago

i hope i can get my hands on this one. Actually i have heard it is going to be on sale tomorrow
i'll let you know if its true or not
wish me luck