Elder Scrolls Online Treasure Maps Guide (Pre-Order Bonus) All Maps, One Page

This Elder Scrolls Online Treasure Maps Guide features a map for every single zone in the game complete with an easily visible marking for your buried treasure. Please note: You cannot find these chests if you did not get the Treasure Maps perk for purchasing prior to release.

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thehitman13983232d ago

Does it bother anybody else that there are a lot of perks if you pre-ordered, especially if you got the collectors edition actually effect the game? If you did not get the collectors edition then you did not get what people say I'd the best race in the game. If you did not pre-order you did not get the treasure chest maps. It just seems that these bonuses actually effect the game which then puts you at an advantage above everybody else.

CaptainCamper3232d ago

I think Treasure Maps, Vanity Pets, Mount etc all perfectly fine. After all, they need incentive for a more expensive version.

However, unlocking a race and the ability to choose an alliance? I think that was a ridiculous choice and this is coming from someone that paid for it :D

thehitman13983232d ago

True about the Vanity pets and mounts, but the treasure chet in this game actually gives you valuable stuff that will give you and extra edge against other people who will not be able to get the chest.

pheature3232d ago

then preorder this awesome game?

3227d ago