Beautiful Star Citizen Artwork Showcases the New Idris Frigate and the Shroud of The Avatar Crossbow

Star Citizen is now very close to $41.000.000 in crowd funding, and Cloud Imperium Games released more artwork showcasing the Idris frigate and the crossbow that will be given to backers of Richard Garriott’s Shroud of the Avatar.

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thorstein2596d ago

This game looks just simply awesome. I want it and I will get it. However, I haven't "bought in" yet, quite honestly because I don't understand all the pricing options.

I know you get the game and I thought I had read there are no microtransactions and it isn't F2P...

Godmars2902596d ago

I don't think anyone has an idea what the overall payment structure is going to be. Just that its still being funded - taking money in - from Kickstarter.

itisallaboutps2596d ago (Edited 2596d ago )

you buy a game package. i bought the aurora one for 45 bucks. i get acess to the alpha and beta. and the final version of the game. for 45 that isn't bad at all. considering you are also funding the game and voting for certain ideas you want to have inplemented in the game.

SITH2596d ago (Edited 2596d ago )

No it is not free to play you must and even I must with my $900 worth of pledges still have to buy the game.

I purchased guaranteed access to ships, some of which will not be offered again. But as a pledge I provided the developers with the financial resources to create the game MMO star citizen, foundry 42 campaign, hanger module (available now), and dog fight module available in about three weeks. As an added bonus for pledging, I have access to numerous exclusive items like a laser pistol, shotgun, and other assorted in game items like a ship repair droid.

Understand, most of the ships will be 100% available in game by multiple methods of acquisition. Buying (real [ebay] or virtual currency), stealing, trading, or building after amassing the resources to do so. To access the alpha and beta, you must buy a package that states it has alpha and beta access. That package will grant you access to most of the things I listed above. Most given not all ships are available in the hanger module. The more packages you buy that have alpha or beta access, will also mean the more AI crew members you can install in your ship(s).

Or you can wait for the final game which is also perfectly fine. Just remember, pledging in the kickstarter, increases the potential for a better game. And it is about to hit $41,000,000. I was there since zero. Don't feel pressured to buy anything especially for free exclusive items. They seem to have stopped giving those. I will probably sell what I don't use. Instead just focus your money on a rig to run the game, it will mean an upgrade for most people.

See you in the verse.

NeoTribe2596d ago

Or they may just sell the game to facebook and say "im rich bitch!" Your 900 dollars is a huge waste for such a game. Sorry.

SITH2596d ago

Yeah you are sorry. I will define what my money is, not some random kids on the Internet. I have money to waste, to you it is a lot, to me it is change.

thorstein2596d ago

Thanks for your reply. Bubs for you. I don't get the disagrees though or the troll.. Oh well, thanks!

HaveAsandwich2596d ago

everybody keep sending them money so the game is awesome. i'll jump in when it's done, if it's any good.