Are Modern Video Games Too Easy

GamersUnite looks at the necessary downgrade to the difficulty curve in games as the audience started to grow. Have we hit rock bottom with "pay to win" features like Angry Birds' Might Eagle or the Microtransactions available in Xbox One launch titles?

Why do games like Dark Souls 2 have to be considered for a niche audience?

What effect is "press start to win" having on younger gamers?

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ColonelRex3469d ago

"Are Modern Video Games Too Easy"

Play Outlast on PS4 on hard and come back and ask that question.

Edward753469d ago

Or demon souls... Dark souls...etc...

Still though more games now are easier, I think that is what the author was getting at, you can still find challenges, more often then not easier is the trend.

A bit of challenge is put back in those by gamer score (Xbox) and trophies (ps) , but less and less to dying in a game and having to start over, or facing a penalty. It has to be done now to reach larger audiences because of development costs. The author brought that out a bit by touching on tough indies with less costs.

I guess we will just have to get use to easier games, with hard spots for challenges popping up from time to time, or really tough games that find a niche.

starchild3469d ago

As someone who has beat many difficult games over the years--Ninja Gaiden trilogy, Otogi, Ninja Gaiden Black, Dark Souls, etc.--I still don't want all of my games to be like that.

Games are so much more than just a challenge to me. If I simply wanted a challenge I would do logic puzzles or something like that. I think I play games, more than anything, simply to get lost in virtual worlds. I love atmosphere and storytelling in games and I place a heavy premium on those qualities. Also, if moving around and interacting with the game systems in the world is enjoyable to me I don't really care how challenging it is.

I want to experience as many of the wonderful games out there as I can. And with only so much time for gaming I don't want every game to make me die over and over again. That CAN be fun if it is done right, but there are lots of other ways for games to be fun too.

If all games were ultra challenging I would only make it through a few games a year and I would miss out on the vast majority of games the medium has to offer.

GSKerns3469d ago

Play Outlast on hard difficulty... and then play Ghosts 'n Goblins on normal difficulty. I'll be waiting for you to get back to me on that one.

ColonelRex3469d ago


Not saying that Outlast is harder than Ghost N Goblins. But I've actually beaten it a few times back in the day. That game requires you to memorize the whole game and trial and error. But anyway, my reasoning for mentioning "Outlast" earlier was not because I feel its the hardest game of all time, but because it is a tough game when on its hardest difficulty. By the way, no game, and I mean no game is harder than Mission Impossible on the 8-bit nes. I still cant even beat the first level on that game today.

incendy353469d ago (Edited 3469d ago )

Yes, and they are too long as well. Of course this is just my opinion, but I feel many games such as Bioshock Infinite, Last of Us, Tombraider would have been much better if they had condensed the stories and gameplay elements into a tighter package. Made more difficult AI moments such as the Bird in Bioshock and got rid of all the filler easy AI that is just there to add clock time.

Ipunchbabiesforfun3469d ago

you're crazy!! I love the Bioshock games and you can ignore most of the side stuff. Haven't played tomb raider and only some of the last of us

incendy353469d ago

I love it, one of my favorite series of all time! But the fighting got repetitious at times. I love all three of the games I mentioned, just saying I think they could have been better if they made the AI harder with less encounters. It would probably take longer to beat them because it would make each scene harder and more important, but it would cut down on the repetitious parts of the games.

aLucidMind3469d ago

I don't see how Last of Us was too long, you could easily beat the story in two days. Tomb Raider in 4-5 days and Bioshock Infinite 3-5 days. Most games nowadays are very short, unless you're a completionist and even then most games can't even be stretched to last more than five days at most.

ShaunCameron3469d ago

Tomb Raider was not that long. I beat it in 3 days.

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Ipunchbabiesforfun3469d ago

Disagree. Maybe if you play on normal, some of the harder modes in games today are craziness. The flood on Legendary? That's hard, but awesome! What's wrong with making games accessible to everyone?

LAWSON723469d ago (Edited 3469d ago )

Easy? Sometimes, but if you want there are higher difficulties. I honestly think lazy implemented difficulties suck (most of the time depends on the game, eg Halo's legendary and heroic are how the game should be played especially COOP) but hey they are not always easy.
Too basic, oversimplified, lacking depth, and hand holding? Yes