Nintendo Wii, CNET editors' review

The good: Revolutionary controller design offers unique motion-sensitive gameplay options; built-in Wi-Fi delivers free online services and (eventually) gameplay; Virtual Console has major nostalgia appeal; compatible with all GameCube games and controllers; built-in SD slot for storage and photo viewing; includes Wii Sports game; most affordable of all next-gen systems.

The bad: Controller eats batteries and takes some time to get used to; lacks the advanced HD graphics and surround sound found on the Xbox 360 and the PS3; requires a wired receiver unit placed near the TV to interface with wireless controllers; can't play CDs or DVDs.

The bottom line: It lacks the graphical prowess and rich media features of the Xbox 360 and the PS3, but the Nintendo Wii's combination of unique motion-sensitive controllers and emphasis on fun gameplay make the ultra-affordable console hard to resist.

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PS360WII4453d ago

Wow the bad is it can't play cd's or dvds. Hmm didn't you buy it to play games? Oh it needs that sensor bar. Now I have a few tv's around the house and I've been to many of friends houses and I can honestly say there is easily enough room to find a spot in front, on top, or right below your tv for that dang thing. And yes HD tv's are still the minority so these graphics that everyone is sputtering about don't really apply to 90% of gamers.
Sorry for the rant. Yes these points may not be a harty welcome to those who don't have a dvd player or they do have an hd tv and they want to see how cool games can look at the highest res, but like his bottom line says it's still really hard to not want to get one of these