Sticking with current-gen? Here are six you may have missed

GamesAsylum: "If you’re remaining loyal to your Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 for a while longer yet, you may be looking for something “new” to play. If that’s not the case now, then it may be in the not too distant future – a quick look at April’s release schedule reveals that there’s very little out.

We’ve taken this fleeting chance to round-up six games you may have missed. And if you have played all of these, then you sir have very fine taste"

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trywizardo1758d ago

yea im still using my 360 and didn't buy a nest gen , ive tried some next gen games but none was too wow to make me buy a console (titanfall will be released on 360 and that was the only game that made me want to buy a next gen)
so to the end of 14 the price would be cheaper and the games would be better :D

DeadRabbits1758d ago

Just bought Bully and Manhunt for my PS3! I will keep going back to my PS3 like an French Mistress whenever my urges take hold!

Horny1758d ago

My buddies and I were just talking about Bully. I hope Rockstar makes another one. Manhunt as well.

dazzrazz1758d ago

Current ? More like last 0_o

ShaunCameron1758d ago

So far I only bought one new game for either 7th-gen console this year. And that was Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z for the 360.

jetlian1757d ago

I got yaiba , fable ann, castlev,ng3 re,mgs5, bio in,killer is dead all this year

BattleN1758d ago

untill they stop supporting 360 I will continue using it!

ShaunCameron1757d ago

I''ll continue using my XBox 360 for multimedia purposes in between whatever games grace it from here on end.

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The story is too old to be commented.