Titanfall Hype Revisited

Everyone has their own opinions about this, but as a whole the gaming community seems to feel that it doesn’t.

darthv723760d ago

To some, the game lives up to the hype. To others it doesnt. Im going to find out for myself on the 360 version later in April.

From what I have seen and read it is a blast to play.

ger23963760d ago

Same goes for me, what's with the disagrees?

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towelie12883760d ago

the game is a blast to play!!
hours of fun especially when u got a group of friends to play with

Summons753760d ago

Yes we get it. People are finally taking off the rose colored glasses and realizing the game isn't all that.

Must we have 900 articles about how the game was over hyped when a lot of us knew it since the alpha/beta/ release?

SixtyNine3760d ago (Edited 3760d ago )

is there any game that is "all that" to begin with?

TheDarpaChief3760d ago

Tlou, re4, mgs1 and 3, souls series (imo)

Boody-Bandit3760d ago (Edited 3760d ago )

No particular order (it's late and I'm tired so I'm just gonnna wing a couple) Halo Combat Evolved, Half Life, Golden Eye, God of War, Gears of War, Super Mario World, Zelda, Metroid, Final Fantasy, Uncharted, Quake, too many to list.

I think the honest critique of TF is that it just didn't have enough polish overall and felt like it could've used some more time in development (rushed a bit). Lack of customization, not enough online modes (variety), a tacked on campaign (that was more of a tutorial than anything else), not enough weapon variation, bots (likem or hatem. personally I'm not a fan), matchmaking problems (which are now fixed?) and some performance issues.

I don't dislike TitanFall. I think it's a decent game overall and had fun with it the 1st week or so. After that I found it fun in small doses. Currently I have no erg to play it but I'm holding on to it for now. Although I might give it a go this weekend to see how the update handles matchmaking.

URNightmare3759d ago

Dark Souls scored better over all.
Infamous Second Son is selling better over all.

Titanfall compared to those two games, is not much of a success when you factor in all the millions that went into exclusivity and advertising. Titanfall is a MARKETING success, nothing more.

Summons753760d ago

I love how I get disagrees but the fanboys can't come up with legitimate reason as to how I'm wrong.

Typical fanboys.

creatchee3760d ago

Because you gave literally no reasons to justify why you are right other than there being 900 articles about something.

xPhearR3dx3759d ago

Well, the PC version took up 100 of my hours since launch so they must have done something right. I don't believe the game was over hyped at all. It lived up to what I expected and I'm happy with that.


Game of the year. and best FPS in the last 7 or 8 years.

SirBillyBones3760d ago

Game of the year, if that's the only game you've played -_-


lol right bro. Knack and duty on ps4 suck. resogun is great though. also played borderlands 2 this year but I said game of the year as in 2014. It is the BEST FPS since Call of Duty 2 on 360 from 2005

Allsystemgamer3759d ago

I've put more time into infamous and metal gear ground zeroes than I have on Titanfall. And they're single player games.

I enjoyed the BETA more than the final release. The beta had 1/3 of the unlocks.

It's a great game...until you hit top rank after 10 hours. Only to unlock all the same stuff all over again.

There isn't enough content. Sure there is plenty of maps but all the fighting revolves around the same spots on every map.

I've put over 20 hours on final release and 10 or so on the Beta.

I'm just bored. Usually at the top of the leaderboards too.

I don't really see the balance people claim either. The stryder with quad rocket, big punch and quick dash regen runs circles around every other Titan and the CAR is unstoppable at any range.

I don't know. I loved it for a few hours until I realized it's the same thing over and over that I've been doing in every other fps for the past years (minus the wall running, effectively any way). The double jumping isn't anything new either.

Allsystemgamer3760d ago

I strongly disagree. I LOVED it until I hit level 50. 3 days later. Tried to regenerate but just got bored. It is literally the same match over and over. It's fun yes but only in small bursts.

pakua3760d ago

I assume you mean after Halo 3 because that game is ten times better than Titanfall. It's certainly better than Call of Duty but it feels more like a demo/beta to be considered great.


Halo 3 and 4 are also great. I agree 100 percent

MasterCornholio3759d ago

I think Bioshock Infinite is better.

But thats just my opinion.

Hicken3759d ago

I'm gonna say, first, that neither Call of Duty nor Knack came out this year.

Then I'm gonna say that Titanfall is NOT the best shooter in many years for a multitude of reasons, one of which is the inclusion of the dumbest bots I've ever seen in what's supposed to be a multiplayer only game. There's a dearth of content and game modes, and what they call a campaign is laughable.

It's still fun, but I'd rather go play some Bad Company 2 or Killzone 2, if you're talking last 7-8 years. Add in the first two Modern Warfares and World at War, too. All are better than Titanfall.

As for it being GOTY material, well... it hasn't got enough MATERIAL for that. Never gonna happen.

Nice that you enjoy it, though. But your comment is an example of exactly the sort of overhype this article is talking about.

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Blastoise3760d ago

Let's not revisit the hype

Lets never revisit the hype.

GentlemenRUs3760d ago

There was hype?

- Before you hit that Disagree button, Think! Is it worth it? Reply to why you disagree with me.

TheDarpaChief3760d ago

Four people didn't think at the time of this sentence