The Battle of March (Infamous VS. Titanfall)

NTF "Picking a best game between the two isn’t an easy choice. Titanfall and Second Son are two unique gaming experiences unrelated by any stretch of the imagination. To measure them by their flaws would just seem like nit picking which is frowned upon on the internet or so I’m told. For the sake of argument we’ll just pick out what challenges these games did not overcome."

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mrpsychoticstalker3767d ago

Two completely different games. ........ are they seriously on war?

Non sense.

Enjoy ur games GAMERS!

URNightmare3767d ago

I'm not sure if I should agree or disagree with you after knowing your comment history.

Are you just trying to get some bubbles? I will go neutral this time with you.

memots3767d ago

Yeah I didn't even read his comment and hit disagree , force of habit , but guess this time I should have hit agree

antz11043766d ago

Lol, seriously who cares about his history? He's right.

Ppl defend both of these games like it's a matter of personal honor or they're going to pay their rent or something. Just play what you like and stop crying.

KwietStorm_BLM3767d ago

Why are we still doing this? Can't we just pick a game and enjoy it anymore, or heaven forbid enjoy both? At what time did it become customary to feed the internet cesspool that is the gaming community today?

Priestwithgun3767d ago

because people like @savage beast and@xheavy wont stop and xbots are sticking to MRX

Goku7813767d ago

Infamous maybe single player, but Id take it all day over Titanfall even if TF was on playstation. Everything is a cut Above TF its just TF is multi player, and its always fun to play with other people in a game you like too.

hulk_bash19873767d ago

March was a great month for games no matter what platform of choice you're playing on.

sAVAge_bEaST3767d ago (Edited 3767d ago )

One IS Next Gen, One is Not..

not much of a battle.

@ Below..

Totally that 86 score, only co$t 86 milli.. your so right.
(retards like your boy $e$$ler, 5/5 vs. 3/5. )

It's all good though. Truth can't be bought or $ould,.. kind of like Love.

(yes I spelt $ould that way on purpose,,.
It's on a Metaphysical level, your way to foolish to grasp)

Irishguy953767d ago

You're right

Titanfall 86
Infamous 80

But it's okay, suddenly, now that the Ps exclusive has a lower score, reviews/awards etc don't matter. They only matter when talking about Uncharted and the last of us.

Skips3767d ago (Edited 3767d ago )

lmfao! Well they matter A LOT less when a huge chunk don't actually agree with the reviewers at all and find the game to be extremely underwhelming.


Infamous SS = 80
Titanfall = 61

Which looks to be Titanfall in this case. : /

mkis0073767d ago

Have to hand it to Skips, he has a pretty decent rebuttal to your point Irish.

mochachino3766d ago (Edited 3766d ago )

Well if you want to do the review score thing, at least PS4 owners can play an 86 rated competitive online shooter (BF4), which many argue is better than Titanfall AS WELL AS a great open world superhero game.

It's great having a variety of good games this early in the gen (Outlast is really fun too), I'd get sick of only playing online focused FPS games all the time. In fact while they're fun, I get bored with them for the day after about an hour.

I literally played Infamous for 8-10 hrs a day, it's one of the most addictive games I've ever played. I can't put it down.

And the amount of professional reviewers "revising" their Titanfall reviews is alarming. So many people are saying the game has no legs and after the hype passes you're stuck with yet another fairly shallow MP only FPS experience. Which isn't reflected on Metacritic and is kind of BS.

Reviewers shouldn't jump to conclusions and rate or highly recommend a game only to complain about it (a lot) after playing it more a week later. Only game journalists get away with stuff like that.

"BUY THIS GAME!!!!" Week later, "Sorry, my mistake, it's get really boring pretty fast" Pretty much sums up Titanfall reviews.

system223767d ago

ill assume you mean titanfall isn't a next gen game since it runs on the unity engine.. but i say - take a look at TF on x1 (yes i know the pc version is better - it goes without saying) and then take a look at TF on the 360 when its released. You'll notice a huge difference. i've seen it first hand.

ab5olut10n3767d ago

I thought Titanfall ran on the Source engine?

FanboyKilla3766d ago

So what is so special about next gen if infamous is next gen? It looks great, but falls way short in gameplay. You say tf looks horrible but the gameplay is awesome. I PLAY games. Playing the game trumps looking at a game. Watching infamous doesnt make me want to play it. As someome who played infamous before you (i dont have a better game to play) adopters, i can say im dissapointed. In no way but technical did it get better. But why should it sony fans think its great just because it looks pretty. Beauty is only skin deep. Pull back the layers and you will see shallow gameplay, last gen animations, and a game that isnt better than its previous installment. Not saying it isnt any good or fun, but definitely saying it doesnt define next gen. Plus titanfall will still be here when infamous is a distant memory. Take three infamous players, and i alone have put in more hours on titanfall than them combined on ss. And ill be adding to that total today. Use that to compare them. Infamous you win the beauty contest, but i dont want to spend my time with you. Im not a ps fanboy i have multiple systems, you arent the best thing i have to play, actually you didnt even make the cut. Catch you on ps plus.