Wii will play DVDs in 2007

Are you looking forward to getting your HD-DVD drive on your Xbox 360? How about that newfangled Blu-Ray in the shiny new Foreman Gr..err, PS3? Well, get ready, because this will just blow your hair back. Coming in the second half of 2007, the Wii will have support to play DVDs. Uhh, wow?

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UrbanJabroni4449d ago

I know Nintendo isn't stupid enough to release games on DVD after millions have purchased a Wii, but the idea still scares me. With MS and the HDDVD addon, it is an external player and MS has CONSTANTLY said no games will ship on HDDVD. With nintendo upgrading the internal player I am a little bit worried. Some sort of assurance that games will NEVER require the DVD player would be nice.

JoelEH4448d ago

Good for them I am going to purchase their console I dont really care about the DVD player cause I got a 360 and I well probably get a PS3 when the price drops. Its cool for kids because now they well have their DVDs and their Mario games right next to each other and you know that kids dont have HD tvs in their rooms most Big screens with HD are siting in the living rooms and thats where MS and Sony come im. But I think its great makes them more ummm competitive?

r10004448d ago

C'mon 2007 I think will be the transition from DVD to next gen media whether it be Blu-Ray or HD-DVD. I'm a huge Nintendo fan, and will probably be playing the new Zelda on Wii until I get a hold of PS3. So this DVD thing is pretty irrelavent.

PS360WII4448d ago

Yeah if they make another console with a dvd player in it okay good for them. It still doesn't do anything different it's just an added bonus for those people who feel it's nessesary for any console to also play movies when all it should be for is playing games. And sure ms has stated that hd is not for games but seeing that it is selling well and more are on the look out for one something tells me MS can easily change their minds about it

ChickeyCantor4448d ago

DVD isnt dead yet, but the DVD player in the Wii isnt needed, got like 6 players in my room.

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