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"Sony still believes it can deliver a console shooter experience that can be both a critical and an economic success by betting the entire deck on Gearbox Studios and Take Two Interactive’s best-selling game of all-time, Borderlands 2. Will this be the shooter that the platform finally deserves?"

~ Alex Martinet, GameRevolution

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acharlez2398d ago

Can't wait to play it myself!

Kingthrash3602398d ago (Edited 2398d ago )

day1 for me also!
but kz merc was the fps game on the vita that proved that it can be done really well. reviewers took it apart like it was a ok average was awsome. it was the best fps on a handheld ever created and looked better than some console fps. hopefully this will be awsome too.
one things for sure reviewers will constantly compare it to consoles and say its an ugly game compared to ps3 or control complaints...smh overlooking the fact that its a 4gb handheld game not a 32gb console game.

PoSTedUP2398d ago

completely agree. KZmercs online is funner than KZ2 imo. i play it every day ('cept for the last 2 days). when you look at the reviews you go "da fuq??".

i didnt get the vita for just vita games, i got it for ports, too. ports= console experience. thats what i want. i want whats on ps3, too. gimmee borderlands2, OLED colors pop like crazy.

ps3 in my pocket :).

dbjj120882398d ago

Looking forward to taking Borderlands 2 with me wherever I go.

mdluffy2398d ago

"Will this be the shooter that the platform finally deserves?"
They got killzone, best portable shooter ever!

NicholasDeRosa2398d ago

I was about to say exactly this. Did the author forget that Killzone Mercenary exists??

Mikey322302398d ago

Killzone: Mercs already proved Sony can deliver a console shooter experience on a portable..

Absolutely fantastic experience.

zippycup2398d ago

the only problem whit BD2 on vita is that if i buy it i will never see my vita again my daughter loves it
and shes only 10 she has a 58 maya

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