How virtual reality overcame its ‘puke problem’

For years, VR devices caused motion sickness – known as the “barfogenic zone”. Have engineers finally solved it, asks Colin Barras, or just replaced it with a different kind of queasiness?

Oculus has made great strides in reducing – perhaps even eliminating – the motion-sickness problem.

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fonger081665d ago

Outside of content, eliminating motion sickness for a VR set will go a long way for mainstream acceptance. This "uncanny valley" effect is interesting. I can't imagine too many gamers complaining about not having photo realism and straight human movement capture as a deterrent from making VR enjoyable. Good article though.

Xian1665d ago

It wasn't the motion sickness that got me, it was the induced headache within a couple minutes of wearing a VR headset. Granted, this was at SIGGRAPH 96, so they may have eliminated that issue by now.

specialguest1664d ago (Edited 1664d ago )

The uncanny valley. That sounds like a potential title of a future sci-fi horror movie about the subject.