inFamous: Second Son sequels could take Assassin’s Creed approach says Fox

Come on admit it; you’d like to see superhero ninjas, wouldn't you?

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-Foxtrot2635d ago

I thought he meant at first churning them out every year...phew

But yeah this is a game which can take place in any time period.

Whether it's the past, present, future or hell even an alternative timeline like Kesslers.

abzdine2635d ago

inFamous: Third Son with the ability to time travel? Maybe go back to I2 and save Cole from death?

Please color me excited!

hay2635d ago (Edited 2635d ago )

Yeah, and then, make Infamous "Avengers" with Cole, Delsin and many others with coop and multiplayer.

Conzul2634d ago

I will never get tired of inFamous.
Like, ever!

Mikelarry2635d ago (Edited 2635d ago )

lol i read the title and saw RED!!! then i read the article and understood what he meant. it would be quite interesting as it could expand the franchise telling other character story and how they dealt with having powers and how those powers affected people and thier enviroment.

-Foxtrot2635d ago saw red. I was going to burst like that guy off Big Trouble in Little China

But anyway I hope they start to do one off stories now since Cole won't be coming back for a while (believe).

I say a new character every game....hopefully we get a female character next.

lsujester2635d ago

I think a good female character would be a great move.

The only issue I see is what they do power-wise. Do they let someone else have multiple powers like Delsin, go back to a single person and single power story a la Cole, or let you play as multiple characters with their own skillsets?

-Foxtrot2634d ago


See this why I think giving Delsin the ability to swap powers was a mistake. Theres no way to top that especially if you want to move on with a new character in the future.

Conzul2634d ago

Yeah I think a female lead in an inFamous game would be great! Never thought about that....

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Flutterby2635d ago

More infamous would be good but I really really just want a new gen katamari game and if I get one I don't care what else anyone else releases ever.

joab7772635d ago

As long as it contains more content and stuff to do with the awesome powers...then I am down.

I just hate that one of the most gorgeous sandboxes ever made, with astonishing powers to boot, gives u almost next to nothing to do.

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Agent_hitman2635d ago (Edited 2635d ago )

Speaking of Infamous Second son sequel, I just hope that SP will bring back Cole Mc Grath. His power was awesome, a Lightning/electricity!.

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rdgneoz32634d ago

"Sucker Punch detailed how Cole wouldn’t be returning, with the developers ultimately going this route after seeing the trophy data for inFamous 2, where 78% of people chose to sacrifice Cole."

He won't be coming back, though the number of powers they can think up for future games is endless.

minimur122634d ago

Lol especially if they make a power of Paper, I mean, its like they couldn't think of any and Nate was looking around the room....

Cables? No...
Carpet? Naahhh.....
Chemicals? Hmm maybe.
Glass? Not bad...

Paper? I guess I'll go with that, I'll make it work.


yanikins1112633d ago

Oh come on. It's based on comic boo super heroes. They have to retcon cole back alive just to retain authenticity.

TheDarpaChief2635d ago

hmmm....i dont really see an infamous in medieval times working out all that great. something in the future? oh yeah lol

ZodTheRipper2635d ago

Since noone had powers before the explosion of the Ray Sphere in IF1 you don't have to worry about a medievil InFamous ;)

AnotherProGamer2635d ago

Infamous in medieval times could work, he would just be a wizard

minimur122634d ago

A good twist would be if its a female, then all the citizens would hunt her down as a witch.

OutcastMosquito2635d ago

It's not quite the time for anything other than infamous for now.

jhpadilla2635d ago

New IP? Yeah that too, but this IP is far from being fully exploited.

MidnytRain2634d ago

Well it's not like we should wait until we get to that point.

ginsunuva2634d ago

But that's the American way of life.

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