Consumers expect PS3 to cost <$300

According to Compete's October 2006 survey of active current-generation console gamers, almost half (48%) of those considering a PS3 expect it to cost less than $300. When told of the PS3's actual retail price, 73% of all gamers and 59% of those considering a PS3 thought it was overpriced.

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Lex Luthor4452d ago

I've said it a million times. Most people don't hang out in forums or usergroups like we do. VERY FEW people know of the shortages, prices, and other issues that are coming with the PS3 launch. That is why Wii is set to launch two days later.

BIadestarX4452d ago

Yep, you got that right. The funny part about it is that none of my friends know about these sites. They come and ask me about any video game news. And that my friends make all of us fanboys!

SjaakHaas4452d ago (Edited 4452d ago )

Many people dont even know the differences (if there are any) between 360 and PS3. Ofcourse, we do know that, but the mainstream, i dont think so. So why bothering paying 200 bucks more?

My brother (casual mainstream) was more enthousiastic about the Wii, DS and 360 than the PS3 after i told him the prices. And thats only based on price, not games or player compatibility!

power of Green 4452d ago

It took me 3 months before i forced myself to waste $400 bucks on a game console.

Marriot VP4452d ago

all true stuff, normal/casual consumers don't buy 400 or above dollar consoles.

Retard4452d ago

400$ is a cut-off huh? I think Xbox 360 is 400$ (weird!) !!! Ahh, I'd expect the cut-off is , more like below $150, PS2 is selling like hot cakes.. =)

THAMMER14452d ago

The real consumers not nerds and fan boys will not go for a $600.00 toy. It just is not going to go over like high gas prices.

bluhefner4452d ago

No price dont really mean shyt. People buy Jordans at a ridiculous price of $199, people buy Lacoste shirts at a ridiculous price. Its all about marketing and namebrands. Everyone says the PS3 is way overpriced but they still are gunna get it anyway because the namebrand is Playstation, and we are very used to that namebrand. Xbox is still a very new brand to the market and not everyone really wants it. Also when people start gettin HDTVs and wanna watch HD movies that HD-DVD drive MS is charging consumers for is gonna bite MS in the ass, while the PS3 has BluRay built in for HD viewing and also holds more space. No matter how much a PS3 costs people are still gunna buy it(including me). This gen is gonna be similar to the last one, the only thing that changes is that MS has a head start and will sell a lil more systems than they did last gen.

Retard4452d ago

Wish your asses It'll even make 300$ by 2009.. Maybe this improves my chances of getting one... Everyone seems it hate it anyway, lucky me ! =)

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The story is too old to be commented.