The Last of US for PS4 With Enhanced Graphics Coming This Summer - PlayStation Turkey VP

Apparently during a show on CNN Turk PlayStation Turkey's VP Sercan Sulun said that The Last of Us will be coming to PS4 with enhanced graphics and Left Behind this summer.


Added a couple minor updates.

Update 2: added the pretty standard no comment reply received from Sony.

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buzzkiller61421761d ago (Edited 1761d ago )

Not really all that uprising, but i would not trust VPs that are not part of the main branch, especially non English speaking ones, things tend to get lost in translation, he might have been talking about last of us through PlayStation now for all we know.

Abriael1761d ago (Edited 1761d ago )

Yeah, I don't take it as molten gold myself, that's why I posted it as a rumor even if it's a Sony executive.

I shot a mail to my contacts at Sony, and hopefully I won't receive the usual "Sony does not comment on rumor and speculation" answer.

ArmGunar1761d ago

That would be cool for the players who didn't play the game yet !

Why o why1761d ago

That may just be another purchase for me..

JoGam1761d ago (Edited 1761d ago )

I really hope its true. Love the multi-player. It gets truly intense.

candy_mafia1761d ago

Hell I'll buy it again for a replay, plus I didn't get the DLC yet, so totally hope this is the real deal....heck, I'd buy GTA 5 PS4 even though I'm like level 150.

Gotta support the new kid on the block :)

DragonKnight1761d ago

I have contacts in high places at Sony. I share it with all of you.

@yosp on Twitter. LOL!

Army_of_Darkness1761d ago (Edited 1761d ago )

Just make sure it's 1080p @60fps otherwise, what would be the point in getting it the second time...

I finished Tomb raider on ps3, but will get it again on ps4 because I love that 1080p/ 60fps upgrade :-D makes the game extra gorgeous and silky smooth.

Sevir1761d ago

I hope to God ND gives this game the same level of attention to detail that Crystal Dynamics gave to TR on PS4... 1080p 60fps... New character models, 4-7x texture detail bump, enhances physics and new dynamic weather effects for the world

Omegasyde1761d ago

Great game, but even with the DLC and "hi-res" textures I won't purchase for Full price.

29.99 (or half off full price) then you have a good deal.

ziggurcat1761d ago

Except that would be a dead giveaway. That kind of response is usually an indication that the rumour is true.

1761d ago
Kingthrash3601761d ago (Edited 1761d ago )

2 n64fan
1. its tlou
2. tomb raider was ridiculed by some because of the price..(rightfully so)
3. price not mentioned for tlou and at this point its still a rumor.

like tomb raider tho i'm getting this if true...i can't imagine how good it will look on ps4..the ps3 version looks better than some next gen games.

DOMination-1761d ago

I played recently. Very slow start but by the end I really got into it. Not one of the best games ever like I've seen n4g suggest but still very good. I don't see the need to double dip though. Especially as you pretty much are forced to play twice to start to get any trophies

abzdine1761d ago

of course they will say that, why should they confirm or deny this before the date they have set for it?

Neonridr1761d ago

Well consider me a sold gamer. I missed out on the PS3 version (didn't own one), so this is fantastic news.

Flutterby1761d ago


You wanna explain to me why there is always someone trying to make out everyone is a hypocrite when everyone has their own thoughts and ideas and not some borg hive mind?

I would buy this if true because I haven't played it yet.

Yi-Long1760d ago

I hope this is true cause I haven't played it yet.

I do hope that this time they won't censor the EU version.

AliTheSnake11760d ago

Awesome ! I didn't get the chance to play it yet.

lipton1011760d ago

I really hope it's coming. I switched from 360 to ps4 so I never had the chance to play the last of us. Day 1 purchase

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ExitToExisT1761d ago

As a Turk i can most definitely say that he wouldn't know anything about a ps4 port of Last of Us (even if it exists).
He probably meant the 'Playstation now' with last of us on ps4 and he probably thinks ps now will have enhanced graphics.

ZodTheRipper1761d ago

And he probably should be fired if he's that uninformed about his product range. I really hope (and somehow think) that this is true but I won't believe it until I see it.

President1760d ago

What has you being a Turk got to do anything? You dont work at Playstation Turkey, you dont know this man. "he wouldn't know anything" lmao, says a nobody on the internet

showtimefolks1761d ago (Edited 1761d ago )

will buy it day one for full $60 ND deserve as much money and credit as they get and than some

(this is also great for those who didn't have a ps3 so now there is no excuse, this is a must play. And for some at bottom asking about price better believe it will be $60. whenever we will get any game from last gen to current gen the starting price will again be full price)

OK RS now stop giving us the company line about GTA5 on next gen and pc. announce it for summer and you will get another $60 from me, but please raise the player count on GTA online

Aleithian1761d ago

Yeah, I've not played this yet either. Day 1 for sure.

scootscottskeet931761d ago

I already completed the game but would totally do it again on ps4

danny8181761d ago

Wow im super hyped! Gonna replay this baby again

Beastforlifenoob1761d ago

Yep I knew it I was waiting for this moment... And yes its crazy I have the patience but I wanted to get a ps4 and some PC games to side me over
~~~~From me (a turk)~~~~~

Flutterby1761d ago

Like one of the ones in ff7 like reno or one from Turkey ?

ObiWanaTokie1761d ago

shut up you non English speaking VP and take my money!

Picnic1760d ago

Not really all that 'uprising' gets 62 agrees? It makes no sense.

Christopher1760d ago

I hope it's not true. Focus on new IPs or sequels for the PS4 rather than ports from games released in the last year.

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Plagasx1761d ago

I didn't play the Last of Us yet so this would be excellent!

seanpitt231761d ago

Your in for a treat its a breathtaking experience!

TheFallenAngel1761d ago

You are missing out, greatly.

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ginsunuva1761d ago

What has been keeping you that busy that you haven't played it for almost a year now?

zeusky1760d ago

I don't own a PS3. I was going to buy one just for TLOU but I figured I would wait since I assumed they would bring it to the PS4.

Now I am even more happy to have a PS4.

Omegasyde1761d ago

Multiplayer is "good" but the single player was beyond awesome. I'd say buy a cheap PS3 and play it on there instead of waiting.

lawgone1760d ago

That's a whole lot of hassle and money for one game.

Totoro171761d ago

It's one of the greatest gaming experiences I've ever had. I may re-purchase this on the PS4 for the enhanced graphics.

Volkama1761d ago (Edited 1761d ago )

I didn't like it very much, but each to his own.

A lot of people clearly love it, and I can give due recognition to it's qualities but it just wasn't my kind of game.

rebeljoe141760d ago

when you get the game though don't play on easy and don't use the listen mode, cause it will cheapens the experience and ruins the stealth. Also the immersion is destroyed if you can't play it with the thought of not knowing where your enemies are.

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Agent_hitman1761d ago

Wow this is a good news, PS4 owner will have a chance to play The Last of us with enhanced graphics on new system. I just hope that it will not cost $60 just like the TR definitive edition.

TheEnigma3131761d ago

It should be about $40 with the dlc included.

RebelWAC1761d ago (Edited 1761d ago )

Yes and a $10-15 upgrade option for those that have it already would be a mega plus. I´m getting it regardless cause I still can´t stop playing the MP....Hell I can´t even stop replaying the story every now and then. Solid game.

Jeff2571761d ago

I have played it but have not bought the DLC yet. So if this is true then I will be getting it again. If not then I will get the DLC eventually anyway.

G20WLY1761d ago

I really hope it's true - a stunning game already. Very close to perfect.

I think that because the DLC only launched fairly recently, they will want to maximise those PS3 sales before announcing this. Otherwise people might just wait for the PS4 version.

Would love to play this with DS4 on PS4 with even more polish! Please be true... :)

PrinceOfAllSaiyans1761d ago

If this is true I'd be all over this. Its looking to be a good summer between my PS4 with MLB 14 The Show, Watch Dogs, and TLOU (if true). 3DS, and Wii U with Mario Kart 8.