Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess: First Review

Well the first review is in and the verdict? "It's ultimately fantastic."

"Twilight Princess is a great-looking game. On one hand, it has its graphical problems stemming from the GameCube development cycle (blurry textures, comparatively low-res characters, etc.), but the artistic direction more than makes up for these issues. I ended up playing through about 75 percent of the game using the standard composite cables that ship with the Wii, until I managed to snag some component cables towards the end. The difference in quality, clarity and imagery between the quite frankly subpar composite signal and the sexy 480p component signal was night and day. A sharper, more vibrant image enhanced the game experience significantly, so if you have the means, I highly recommend using component input.

I was delighted to hear that the musical score and sound effects were of the same high standard as Wind Waker, with new implementations on classic Zelda themes adding greatly to the nostalgia factor. The sound is pumped out in sweet Pro Logic II via the stereo cables and again, if you've got the means, it'll sound much better than just regular stereo.

In the end, there's no way that The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess disappoints. It's an excellent addition (and homage to Ocarina) to the franchise, and you'll have an enormous amount of fun playing it from start to finish. Get over the fact that the Wii's hardware is simply not as powerful as the other next-gen machines and get into the fact that Twilight Princess is one of the best games you'll play this year. If you've been on the fence in any capacity, then please rest assured that you'll not be disappointed. I'm looking forward to checking out the GameCube version later next month, but I'm having a hard time imagining it being any better than the Wii interpretation. Nintendo's flagship game has finally arrived and you better damned well appreciate it. It's ultimately fantastic."

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bszelda4448d ago

awesome. :)

I'm definitely buying the wii and zelda. ;)

kmis874448d ago

All right, I guess I'll try to force a discussion. I think if I had to select a game of the year, I would pick Twilight Princess.

Right now my top 5, in no particular order, would be Twilight Princess, Guitar Hero 2, Final Fantasy XII, Okami, and Gears.

ILostMyDrumSet4448d ago

I am buying a Wii. I don't want a PS3, I don't want a 360, I just want a Wii.

TheBeginningOfTheEnd4448d ago

i personaly think the wind waker is the best zelda, thats just my opinion though

THWIP4448d ago

LOL. Well, to be fair, the Wii is essentially a port of the GC. :o

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