SOCOM Confrontation Dev wants your Vote.

The recent Dev Q&A 02 with Allen Goode and I brought up a lot of community concern dealing with the ranked games being limited to Auto Match only. We have a good reason why we decided to go down this path (it prevents rank up rooms), but we are open to feedback as well. I would like to get official feedback from the community at large on this issue. Cast your vote in the poll!

We will seriously consider the results of this poll.

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kspraydad5376d ago

I'm tired of my son playing 'headshot' for hours on end so he can unlock more gun patterns...

Earn your stripes boys.

Omegasyde5375d ago

This might be geeky, but I am trying the to do the same thing. I don't know if its worth it in Cod4, since all you get are some of the worse golden type of weapons. AK sucks, the M60 is ok, the M21>dragonuv, and golden uzi? But trying to unlock stuff to some people is like snorting "nose candy". Is it really necessary, no but its fun.

I do like the unlock system in Cod4, and I wish Socom would incorporate this feature. I really wish they would make M203 "noob tubes" restricted for higher ranks.

thePatriot5376d ago

you go online and you pick what you want to play and the game puts you in a room that needs players. but dont count skill into it. I dont like being able to join any game I choose but I dont want to be auto matched with people of similar skill. If you suck, you play people who suck and dont get that good in the game quick. and if your good you always play people who are good and that gets tiresome quick plus most people are on a same skill level with 10 % that are really good and about 25% who suck. even with matchmaker in COD4 most games come out with 100 or more points difference. so there is no need for it. just seperate lone wolfs and teams like in COD 4 with mercenary team deathmatch

LevDog5376d ago (Edited 5376d ago )

Are you freaking serious? Auto Match is the worse way to get in rooms.. One of the best things about Socom was the rooms you could create and have them ranked.. Now... They need to find a way where a clan can create a ranked room without cheating.. Maybe have an option for Auto match.. Example.. If automatch is turned on you and your clan can only be on one side, and other people come into the room via auto match for the other side.. and if you have auto match off it will be unranked and anyone can join the room..

One of the worse things about COD4 is the party system.. Getting everyone together and some not getting into certain rooms is the worse...

I hope they reconsider or find a way to make it soo you can create a room in a lobby and have it ranked

JoelR5376d ago

It's a great idea
It cuts done on moderation efforts and reduces the abuses that were and still are seen in games like warhawk and cod4.

And to ThePatriot - you will soon level out of the room you are into to a higher level if you play, that way you move to a level that is challenging to you.

CRIMS0N_W0LF5376d ago

the "bad idea" is winning greatly

JoelR5376d ago

Yes and no
remember they will just take the poll into account but they did not say they would follow the poll
and if 25% say it's a bad idea then they will also take that into account.

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The story is too old to be commented.