New texture mod for Crysis - is Crysis 2 going to look like that?

Pictures of an unofficial Crysis mod show improvements especially in the texture details, saturation and contrast of the game scenery. As Crytek intends to make a texture update some time in 2008, is this a hint how a possible Crysis add-on or even Crysis 2 will look like?

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Fishy Fingers5846d ago

The best looking game in the world just got a whole lot prettier!

... and probably a whole lot more demanding :(

Violater5845d ago

Whats sense does it make if I need a $4,000 computer to run it?

Scrooge5845d ago

It wouldn't be a Crysis thread unless a console boy pointed out the over-exaggerated price of a pc just to make him feel better about the short-comings of his console. Do some research and stop being ignorant.

PR0F3TA5845d ago

and it wouldn't really be a Crysis thread without a PC fanboy telling us how exactly PC pawns consoles, even though statistics show that PC gaming has fallen to console gaming in the last year.

its a fair trade

Lotto5845d ago

$4,000? before the trend was to say $2,000 and now suddenly it have rose 100%? Even tho hardware have become cheaper and more powerful /boggle

xsteinbachx5845d ago

You've obviously have never built a computer before.

m91058265845d ago

I'm gonna have to agree with 1.1, I just built (built, not bought) a $3000 PC a little over a year and a half ago. Core 2 Extreme OCd to 3.4ghz, 3 gigs of RAM, and a 7950GX2. It brings my rig to it's knees at 1280x1024 all on high. There's no way the average person can fully enjoy this game.

N4g_null5845d ago

No seriously
8gigs pf ram is $200-300
cpu is easy around $170 yet if you really want to pay for 10 more frames then you can spend $1000 no one will stop you.
an 8800 around $200
MB vary but really those main parts are around $600. hell if your Hdtv is good enough you can just run crysis on that! Now those parts are way more powerful than a PS3 or xbox 360 and you could run cycsis pretty well at that price. Actually a box like this is over kill for some thing like UT3. Unlike crysis there are developers who make good games that don't rely on all of the crysis effects. You can look them up and yes they out sold those guys by a lot.

Also too learning how to build your own PC is priceless man. If you wanted to pay me $4000 I would make like $2000 dollars off of you easy. Also all of those pirated games and porn and even adware slow your box way down.

DanB915840d ago

strange my $500 computer can run crysis on high @ 1360 x 768 fine.....

newegg.com. thats all im gonna say.

i love how people think u have to sell ur car to play crysis or something.

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xplosneer5846d ago (Edited 5846d ago )

I like the left side better lol, the right may have it a bit better in saturation level but it's too shiny and sharp, it hurts my eyes.
Some of them are pretty good though, like the wall. Just that first one hurts a lot.

Adamalicious5845d ago

Yeah - I don't really care for the mod from an aesthetic standpoint.

pwnsause5846d ago

i will never be able to play this game on very high mode until i get a new comp, and thats 3 years from now. i cant spend on a new rig ever again rofl.