Untold legends Launch Trailer HD

Take hack & slash to an all new level with this action-rpg.

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OutLaw4450d ago

Untold Legends should just be untold. This game looks like crap. I hope this isn't the best Sony could do. I remember people were saying how this game is going to look better than Kameo and I have to say it doesn't even hold a candle to that game.

Sony has up to April to win my money and if this is the best that they could do then I'm glad I didn't jump on the PS3 launch like I have for other systems and trust me when I say I had every system on launch day so I'm not trying to be bias about the PS3. I just don't want to make another mistake like when I bought the Atari Jaguar and the 3D0 and at the moment in my books that's where the PS3 is at. So hopefully they will prove me wrong so I could feel comfortable to purchase a PS3 but as for now I don't see it.

zypher4450d ago

me personally, i think i'll be satisfied with the Motorstorm/Lair/Heavenly Sword triad for a while. throw in Resistance and NGS, and you have five decent-to-great looking games for the PS3. however, i can see where you're coming from; i'd even say that God of War looks better than this. low-quality graphics such as these should not exist on a $600 system.

OutLaw4450d ago

Thank you for being respectful with your comments and like always you are one of the few gamers here I respect to the fullest.

As for those games you mentioned I too feel they will be great games and I'm hoping for high ratings for them. The games I want are Heavenly Sword, Lair and Motorstorm. If Sony could get those games right I will buy a PS3 in no time. It's just games like Untold Legend that make me a little hesitant to jump in and buy a PS3. I had the series on my PSP and regretted buying it.

Tut4450d ago

Is it just me or did the actual gameplay footage look a hell of a lot better than the first part of the movie?

This game came a long way from what we originally saw, but judging by that trailer it didn't hit the mark I thought it would. I am still curious as to how it plays and looks while it plays, like I said earlier, the gameplay graphics looked a lot better than the first part of the movie.

If it is anything like Gauntlet Legends then it will be crazy fun for you and your buddies together.

Dlacy13g4450d ago

sorry but its not an RPG by any stretch, its just a hack and slash. It doesn't stand out on any front in my eyes. Then again, hack and slash just doesn't do it for me on any level. I played N3 for all of 30 secs before I got bored...this has that same feel written all over it.

Tut4450d ago (Edited 4450d ago )

Yeah, definitely a game I would rent, demo, or play at a friend's house before deciding if I want to purchase my own copy.

solideagle14448d ago

u guys are forgeting DMC4 and many more...

well what are these bUBBLES u talk about???how to check?