Metal Gear Solid V Gets by Far the Worst Sales Debut of All Numbered MGS Games in Japan

Many gamers all over the world weren’t too excited by quite a few elements of Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes, and apparently Japanese gamers aren’t an exception, despite the fact that the game is the first of the main series to launch on multiple platforms from the get go.

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Batzi1694d ago

Funny thing is, regardless of how much it sells, it will always be a win-win situation for KONAMI. KONAMI took a part of MGSV and sold it. They're literally printing money as we speak.

Omar911694d ago

Yeah I was just going to say it sounds like a bad thing and it might be in some peoples eyes, however this was literally taken from the exact game that's suppose to come out in 2015 so they didn't loose anything.

But hopefully this never happens again. The only reason why I bought this was because it's metal gear. Any other game I wouldn't of even looked twice at it.

WitWolfy1694d ago

Thats why I have a JTAG.. They never saw a cent from me.

abzdine1694d ago

i think most MGSV sold in japan are the PS4 special edition.
but didn't MGSV beat TF in its second week worldwide? i think i've seen that yesterday.

Naga1694d ago

This just goes to show how much price can negatively affect a game's reception. If this was a $5 game, it would be getting nearly perfect scores across the board.

buttclown1694d ago

What happen on the internet forums if say this was EA doing it?

ABizzel11694d ago


I know you'll be in here soon, so there's a few things wrong with this article. First everyone knows it's nothing but 3 hour demo / prologue and not a full Metal Gear game. Yes it has the number V, but that's simply because it's the prologue to MGSV: Phantom Pain. The sales of a prologue are always lower than the sales of the real product. The demogame was only released to give gamers of taste of MGSV and to make some quick cash for Konami.


It's actually because it's a MG game that I refuse to buy it.

Frankly I am massively disappointed with Kojima and Konami for even thinking this was a good idea.

I mean they said it's for the hardcore fans, so they think a great way to say thank you to your hardcore fans is by making them pay for an overpriced demo...

If anyone else did this I would just laugh and think they must be kidding and that would be it. It's a bit disturbing when they try this sort of tactic with a game like MG.

Don't get me wrong, there is something to be said in the fact that an MGS demo is actually better quality then some full price games.

I am just not sure it is a reason to let them off the hook.

The real problem starts with the other publishers who are watching all of this playout.
if it's sells well other publishers will think it's a great idea to follow.

They will then start pumping out 15 min demo's of their already crap games and trying to sell them for $30. When nobody buys it they will then talk about how it didn't meet required targets etc and before you know it studios will be getting shutdown left and right because publishers are not seeing the sales they want.

it's setting a potentially very bad trend and even though we like to think no other pub is stupid enough to try it.. most of these pubs are run by men in suites who look at numbers and nothing else.

Blastoise1694d ago

@ Omar91

"But hopefully this never happens again. The only reason why I bought this was because it's metal gear. Any other game I wouldn't of even looked twice at it."

Sorry dude but that's the wrong attitude, you are exactly who this "game" was aimed at, hardcore MGS fans who know it's a rip-off but bought it anyway because they wanted more MGS. If you really wanted to play it but don't want to support a shoddy practice you should do what I usually do and get it off of ebay.

I'm not having a go, I recently bought Dark souls 2 despite the news of a blatantly obvious downgrade. Looking back I wish I bought it used, if you don't want devs to get away with this kind of BS you got to vote with your wallet

Stallion1694d ago

Not necessarily. Between advertising costs, artwork, physical production, it's not just free money.
Glad to see this is failing though. This kind of behavior is not okay.



I'm no tech head but if JTAG means what I think it means, there's no justification for piracy. Yes, this is a rip-off, which means we indeed should not support it, but steal it is not the answer, this things only comes back to bite real costumers back in the ass in the form of some shady DRM in the future.

mediate-this1694d ago (Edited 1694d ago )

Nice to know... Because cod fans get harped on for buying the game they love year after year, but its ok for you as long as it is metal gear, even though it's a tech demo. As good as it may or may not be, no excuse releasing that game.

This game costs same as nfl 2k5, and nfl 2k5 was a feature rich game, best football game i played. This game does not deserve to be 15 dollars let alone 30, maybe fifteen

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-Foxtrot1694d ago

Pretty much

This is pretty much a bonus for them...shame there's so many suckers out there to buy into it.

Find it funny how people think this money will go into MGSV's development when it most likely will go into their paychecks as a bonus.

curtis921694d ago

Screw you. I've had a blast with it. 10+ hours for $30 is a deal in my book. I evaluated the situation, looked at the price vs. what I would get out of it and deemed it fit for my hard earned money. Just because you can't get past your own mental block of self-entitlement doesn't mean people who bought GZ are suckers.

-Foxtrot1694d ago

"Screw you"

How immature

"10+ hours for $30 is a deal in my book"

lol.....10+ hours, you must be playing it really slow to try and justify it.

"Just because you can't get past your own mental block of self-entitlement doesn't mean people who bought GZ are suckers."

Own sense of entitlement?

No, no's not entitlement when a company takes a chunk of a game not coming out until next year and sells it to us for nearly the price of a retail game....IT'S COMMON SENSE.

When MGS2 came out I played the Tanker missions then played the main game and guess what I didn't have to pay extra for the tanker missions.

Thats not entitlement's common sense.

How can you justify it, that kind of thinking is why many developers think they can screw us over because you seem to try and justify it. Why not just admit whether you enjoy it or not that this shouldn't of happened and the developers should be told off for it.

Honestly if you did buy it and support this practice then sorry but you are a sucker.

I'm a MGS fan....but I'm not a blind MGS fan.

Team_Litt1694d ago

I'm not a doctor or anything so I can't say this with full certainty or with any sort of professional clout, but I do believe you struck a nerve there foxtrot.

henr0s1694d ago

Just because you don't like it doesn't make it a bad game, in the same sense sure congrats speed running the game, but you can do that with many games - it doesn't make it a short game. Tons of replayability means it's certainly worth a short sum of money to play, heck if they said "give us $20 and you can play the Beta of MGSV" people would have jumped on it. There is literally no reason to be upset if you don't want to buy it because your a poorfag then don't worry, but meanwhile I will enjoy the game and have fun for a small fee.

Master-H1694d ago (Edited 1694d ago )

Kojima be like "thanks for the money, sucker" and then he gets on his motorcycle.

-Foxtrot1694d ago


Bad game?

When did I say it was crap or a bad game?

Just because something is good doesn't mean it's right practice wise.

With that sort of thinking any good developer could get away with anything because their games are good.

"don't want to buy it because your a poorfag"

Jeez...I have struck a nerve in you guys. Immature....personal attacks. Are you ticked off you were suckered into it and now regret it but instead of admitting it was a bad practice your trying to make yourselves feel better and defend it.

" for a small fee. "

Small fee? Good god....delusional.

KingOfOldSkool1694d ago (Edited 1694d ago )

Oh, you haven't heard the last few years? Reasonable expectations of appropriate quality and content in relation to the price are brushed off as typical gamer "self-entitlement" now. How dare any paying consumer having standards for what they're being expected to pay for and support. /s

Blastoise1694d ago (Edited 1694d ago )

"No, no's not entitlement when a company takes a chunk of a game not coming out until next year and sells it to us for nearly the price of a retail game....IT'S COMMON SENSE. "

So true -Foxtrot.

Nothing annoys me more than people using the term "entitled gamer" when people call out another BS moneygrabbing scheme the suits have come up with.

Blastoise1694d ago (Edited 1694d ago )

Double post. oops

PrinceOfAllSaiyans1694d ago

Shut your crying ass up. You can't tell people how they spend their money dumbass. What if you're a MGS fan ? You'll buy it regardless. Its only 30 bucks. That's less than a 3DS game. You act like its 60 bucks.

-Foxtrot1694d ago (Edited 1694d ago )


Awwwwww...someone is a little angry

Do you guys see how everyone who has bought this is getting riled up and spewing out personal attack comments and showing off immature behaviour.

Just because you guys got suckered into this doesn't mean it gives you the reason to be an ass about it.

"What if you're a MGS fan"

Then you could hold off and buy the inevitable MGSV "Complete Collection" with GZ and all the DLC included. Just because your a fan doesn't mean you HAVE to buy whatever is slapped across your face.

"Its only 30 bucks. That's less than a 3DS game. You act like its 60 bucks."


You have no concept of money do you.

It's HALF of a full on retail game and for what. An hour or two of content. Considering how big MGSV will be judging by past games your paying so much for a fragment of content.

Then you have the other point after the money issue which is the fact it shouldn't of been cut in the first place.

God you guys need a wake up call because it's people like you who are a cancer to this industry

IronChefWong1694d ago

If you've actually played it you would know that it offers substantially more than one to two hours of gameplay. The speed runs you see are the players best attempt after pouring hours into the game learning the best route and perfecting the techniques. I spent about 2 hours playing through the main mission just once. I've replayed the main mission an additional time and played 1 side op out of the 4 or 5 extras so that was another 2-3 hours. I'm only at 14% completion.

I'm a pretty big MGS fan and the thought of being able to get my hands on MGSV a year early is a win in my book. It'll help players get accustomed to the sandbox style sneaking and also offers bonus perks in TPP for all the enemies and POW's extracted in GZ. Obviously players can decide with their wallets. At the end of the day I am glad that Konami at least created this opportunity rather than having everyone wait an additional year.

xxjabberxx1694d ago

I'm with IronChefWong. only play the main mission an the deju vu mission and i've had more fun on this game than i've had on Ghost.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI1693d ago (Edited 1693d ago )

Eh, I've spent 15 hours on the game. This definitely wasn't for non-fans, but if you are a fan, it was FREAKING GOOD.

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CaEsAr-1694d ago

Glad I didn't buy this shit. Waiting for Phantom Pain.

Shuyin1694d ago

Same here. I'm a huge MGS fan but this move by Konami is just plain ridiculous.
I won't pay 30€ for a prolouge.
And not for the prize alone I refuse to buy it; I'd rather stay spoiler free until TPP drops and experience the whole package.

But to each his own I assume.

DCfan1694d ago

Always knew that there are still some sane MGS fans. I salute you.

Batzi1694d ago


You still need to play Ground Zeroes for the story. The Phantom Pain will not come bundled with GZ.

CaEsAr-1694d ago

Well in that case I can watch the walkthrough on youtube and save me 25 pounds.

CDbiggen1694d ago

You really don't need to play it. There's barely any story to it. If you've seen all the trailers then you already know what happens at the end. A letdown.

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DeadlyFire1694d ago

The people already know its a short tidbit of a game compared to the real thing. They are less likely to spend money on a demo disc. Some will regardless though.

Sketchy_Galore1694d ago

Printing counterfeit money is a serious crime. If you have evidence that they're doing this then you should contact the authorities.

Tales RPG addict1694d ago

Hey Konami MGS4 called and officially has decided to slap you in the face.

sushiboots1694d ago

I can't believe people are still calling this game a demo. A demo of what? The Phantom Pain? If it was, wouldn't content from The Phantom Pain be included? It's a self contained product in itself. It's shorter than a full retail game, but at the same time, it's not a full retail price. It's $20 - $30. I've already invested 20+ hours into the game. And a lot of that isn't just going through the game in various ways. There is a ton of content here including easter eggs, cassette tapes with a lot of back story, side missions, and achievements. Anybody complaining just simply has not played it and doesn't realize the extent of content available for a fraction of a full retail price.

TheDarpaChief1693d ago

If they added the rescue kaz mission we saw at e3 i'd get the whole demo talk......i really wish they did ;_;

etebitan1694d ago

Funny thing is people who defend this wouldn't do the same if EA pre-released fifa every year just with some teams at a reduced price... sure you could play the game endlesly... but would it be justified?? hell no...

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NYC_Gamer1694d ago

I guess many people aren't willing to spend 30-40 bucks on a demo

Batzi1694d ago

1. It's not a demo.
2. It's not 40$.

WitWolfy1694d ago (Edited 1694d ago )

Your right it isnt a demo... Its as demo as much as it is a tutorial.. Oh thats right.. Kojima said IT IS A TUTORIAL!! So I guess that does make it a demo after all...

Stop defending it bro.. Just let it go... I got more than 20 hours when I completed Infamous SS for the first time and guess what, it was only for $40 more.. What did you get??? 45 min??? an hour??? Oh sorry thats right... 4 hours, because you completed it various times in different ways to see how high you could get on that scoreboard!!! Silly me!!

XiNarutoUzumaki1694d ago (Edited 1694d ago )

It's a Tutorial. A 2 hours game. Absolutely ridiculous.

They should have included Ground Zeroes in Castlevania LOS2 as a demo sell it for $10 bucks, not charge people with $30 bucks

curtis921694d ago

Comparing a prologue launch to full games... I'm taking a shot in the dark that GT5 Prologue didn't do as well as the full GT games before it, too.

Th3o1694d ago

GT5 proligue is a different case because it was heavily needed, since fans were beginning to lose faith in the series due to CONSTANT delays and broken promises.

Also in terms of racing games, that had much more meat than even your average racer. You can also invest hours upon hours in GT Prologue which I cannot see here.

I believe I had 70+ hours in Prologue. I played this game at a local EBgames and I think almost finished it (yes I'm just kidding but a kernel of truth)

only the most hardcore fans will purchase this, and even some of them might wait for a price drop or full game release.

I hope we see the same thing happen to this, as to what happened to prologue.

1-5$ bins.

TheDarpaChief1693d ago

"GT5 proligue is a different case because it was heavily needed, since fans were beginning to lose faith in the series due to CONSTANT delays and broken promises." so youre saying everyones interest in mgsv tpp is as high as it was at e3?

Th3o1693d ago

You missunderstand my point. MGS hasn't seen scarce releases. We've had the collection released recently, MGS4 and Rising (though technically not a Solid game).

GT was delays upon delayed upon delays, so they released the game's "demo" but it had a lot more meat and replay ability than this.

I think people have more than enough interest in MGS 5 but to stoop so low as to pay for a demo? It's just pathetic.

Kojima taking the right steps in disappointing us, and making a casual friendly MGS seems to mean the end of the series for me.

Even 4 felt much easier than say 3 or 2 but it felt like an evolution, this is pretty much a reboot to the game's recipe.

I'll prob just wait for a PC release or when it's super cheap at this point.

Father__Merrin1694d ago

its not the full mgs5 its a teaser prologue game, consumers or most already know this is a budget title

wait till full title drops its going to be one of the best titles ever

Th3o1694d ago

Ofc it does, it's a glorified overpriced demo. For shame.

5-10$ would've been much easier to swallow.

I can wait for this game to become Gran Turismo prologue...which was a much better deal imo.

I had a feeling when MGS went multiplat that we would lose the quality we came to expect (even for a demo).

I've seen Engine demonstrations/benchmark programs that had more game content than this.

Long time MGS fan, I'm not particularly happy with the direction of the series or it's slow mow Max Payne bs.

DCfan1694d ago

I feel you man.
Kojima obviously got greedy, long gone are the days of PW and MGS. Top notch games released in one packege.
plus, wtf is reflex?? what happened to the rations??
they're obviously trying to westernize the whole thing.
Now im worried about MGO.