A2M boss predicts end to low budget, poor quality games

Artificial Mind and Movement boss Rémi Racine has predicted that there will be a smaller range of games available as the next-gen console cycle gets underway - which should benefit gamers in the long run.

Speaking to at the Montréal International Games Summit last week, Racine said, "I think the industry will grow. There will be less skus on the market; I think that on next-gen you'll see less projects.

"I think the barrier of entry is higher, so there are going to be better games. You won't be able to throw out very bad games at very low budgets - that doesn't make any sense for the market. You were much more able to do that in the past," he continued.

"Hopefully, for the consumer, it's going to be better entertainment. If the industry wants to grow, the titles have to be better overall."

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Dlacy13g4447d ago

Too many crappy games is what led to the industry collapse back in the 80's...and certainly isnt what we want. Fewer games and higher quality will be a win for all gamers. This coupled with the onset of demos on the console systems should really help gamers weed out the trash and force publishers to really take time to make quality as they have already started to see what poor demo's can do for a game in the publics eye.

PS360PCROCKS4447d ago

Agreed. The games that are impressive (GOW) speak for themselves, but the demos also can help tremendously to bring hype (Lost Planet) in the gamers eyes by showing mhat they have before we buy it

rj814447d ago

Nobody finds the name A2M offensive? As in a$$-2-mouth?

ScorpioKyle4447d ago

nothing offensive about it if it's in the heat of the moment.

Yo Wassap4447d ago

that's nasty...

i agree also i'd definately have fewer but better games anyday