Less Than 5 Days To Early Access…I’m Still Not Pumped For Elder Scrolls Online

Blaine Smith of XMMORPG writes:

When Zenimax Online Studios announced that Tamriel would finally open to a multiplayer experience, I was ecstatic. The thought of diving into one of the most immersive franchises in video-game history alongside my closest of friends was a dream that first took routes back during my exploration of Daggerfall. With each passing Elder Scrolls game my desire for a multiplayer experience grew alongside the huge leaps in features and mechanics but as my dream nears fruition I find myself...wanting.

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Meltic2321d ago

Im not interesting in paying extra cash to play this freaking game. Just let us pay a normal ps4 game price and let us enjoy the MP game...

Rikuide_Furame2321d ago

But you're paying the monthly price for additional content. Of course, it comes on a case by case basis but I've found many MMOs and their sub fees still offer better value than many of the full price retail games you can buy today (with short campaigns and tacked-on multiplayer).

I do agree with the article though; I'm just not really hyped for ESO.

Magicite2321d ago

Im fine with paying for FF14 and WoW, but no way for another game.

Nerdmaster2321d ago

Because it's online, it lost my interest the moment it was announced.

deadfrag2321d ago

Its going to bomb hard this one!

GentlemenRUs2321d ago

Hopefully someone will crack the servers so we can then make our own private ones(E.G. Singleplayer MOD).

Bob Dole2321d ago

Played this for about an hour before getting bored. Game doesn't have the same appeal as their single player games. If they'd done it like borderlands with coop instead of being a MMO (IBD'sO) it would have been more fun.

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The story is too old to be commented.