GameStop not getting enough PS3s to fill preorders

Retailer's launch allocations not expected to cover original batch of reservations; employees "asked" to wait until second shipment to buy systems.

Last month, retailer GameStop began accepting "limited" preorders for the PlayStation 3, asking customers to put down $100 in advance for the system, with a modest expectation of eight units per store in most cases. Now it appears the largest gaming specialty chain in North America won't be receiving even that many systems.

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kmis874448d ago

Ouch, I sure hope this isn't true. I don't want to have to wait even longer for a ps3.

bung tickler4448d ago

can anyone say.... PAPER LAUNCH! the funny thing is even with all the delays the PS3 still cant beat the 360 graphically either. you all have been waiting for nothing more than a name brand... the hardware is a bloated hyped up let down.

Marty83704448d ago

Try the bigger store's,they tend to get more stocks.

Marriot VP4447d ago

WRONG, the higher population the more each store is assigned. Like New York city vs. sticks ville. And bigger stores gather bigger crowds so it doesn't really matter.

Shadow4448d ago

I'm number 1 on the preorder list at my local store. Looks like I won't have to worry.

Phytonadione4448d ago

Any EB games/Gamestop employees on here that know exactly how many units they are going to receive and whether they will really be able to enforce the employees have to wait till the 2nd shipment rule?

Grown Folks Talk4448d ago

2 for employees, 14 for customers. that's for the high volume stores here in nebraska. places like ny, la, texas, maybe more.

Shadow4448d ago

The employee I talked to CONFIRMED that he had to wait until 2nd shipment before he could get his unit. He was definitely bummed.

Phytonadione4448d ago

If I take out both the employees pre-orders, I'm number 4 on the list. I hope that that is good enough. Hell, I paid for it in full and pre-ordered RFOM. Worst comes to worst, at least I'll have a Wii...

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The story is too old to be commented.