Global Hardware and Software weekly ending March 15th

Xbox 1 edges out Ps4 global sales. Titanfall tops software with 902,010 and Darksouls 2 on Ps3 comes in 2nd with 566,367. So with the X1 sales ahead of Ps4 by 23,000.Is Titanfall a system seller or just a software seller.

XOne 155,106 (+108%)
PS4 132,051 (-1%)
3DS 110,590 (-6%)
PS3 61,477 (-0%)
PSV 51,981 (-7%)
WiiU 36,817 (-3%)
X360 32,219 (-2%)
PSP 13,318 (-6%)
Wii 9,680 (-10%)

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DanielGearSolid3774d ago (Edited 3774d ago )

Aight Titanfall

You did your job

Please, if your gonna complain about this being from Vgchartz.... Save your bubble... We get it, that's why it's under rumor

christocolus3774d ago (Edited 3774d ago )

Great numbers over all...I think the xbox one hardware sales should be like 4.2 million now and with the launch of Kinect sports rivals i expect a slight increase in hardware sales.

aceitman3774d ago

@christocolus , this is the latest from vg on
XOne 155,106 (+108%)
total sales to date 3,908,818 click the link above it will show you , at the mid section of the page on the right side.

christocolus3774d ago (Edited 3774d ago )


And your point is?..Its been 10 days since this was compiled.it clearly says week ending 15th..did you even read it or are you just downplaying this like your doing in the other article about titanfall sales figures?

aceitman3774d ago (Edited 3774d ago )

@christocolus how am I downplaying numbers right in front of are faces , I was telling what is there u don't have to be nasty about it and say im downplaying it , im a member of vg chartz and while it is not perfect to the correct data it is very close. and bundles with games digital or not count towards sales for that week. click on the link and it will show u what I posted . its a match. and so u know I know that digital sales alone are not counted on vg chartz. just bundles.i was just guiding u and replying to ur comment , I posted the story. the fanboys need to stop with the trolling and read if it is posted and im showing whats posted how am I wrong just because its not in your favor it doesn't mean that someone is trolling or downplaying something. game on try to get along theres room for all systems and gamers . and if u think that the x1 will sell 300,000 units in a week it wont happen hopefully it continues to sell well over 100,000 a week but time will tell.

GribbleGrunger3774d ago (Edited 3774d ago )

@christocolus: So you think MS have sold another 300,000 X1s in 10 days when you're looking at 155,106 for one week WITH a boost from Titanfall? So post Titanfall spike they sold twice as many?!

morganfell3774d ago (Edited 3774d ago )

Really? Here is something that isn't a rumor. It's hard cold unpleasant fact.

The PS4 has been leading the entire month at the top 4 major games retailers in the US. It has been the top seller at Gamestop, Amazon, Walmart and Best Buy SINCE MARCH 1ST. Only in the past 2 days has the Xbox moved past the PS4 and only at Best Buy. VG Chartz apparently believes Titanfall pushed the X1 past the PS4. It didn't. While it may have increased sales, it did not do so on enough scale to overtake Sony. The only territory in question is the UK. I doubt they sold enough to overtake the PS4 in the EU and the US.

OnPCP3774d ago (Edited 3774d ago )

People are constantly asking why does the little Xbox fan who makes up these fake sales numbers keep doing it? It should be perfectly clear why from the desperate way Xbox fans cling to these fake sales numbers.

You have Xbox fans willing clinging to the hilariously absurd idea that some kid sitting at home is doing GLOBAL RETAIL TRACKING for both hardware and software. Something that the giant for profit retail sales tracking firms are only able to do once a month and for only single regions like the US or Japan.

Doesn't matter. As long as the little kid Xbox fan at vgchartz keeps pumping out hilariously fake inflated Xbox One sales numbers, Xbox fans will cling to them.

Magic SDK updates.
Hidden graphics hardware just waiting to be unlocked in the Xbox One.
'teh Cloud'
Fake vgchartz sales numbers.

"It's true because I desperately want it to be so"

Bernlock3774d ago


Where are u getting those cold hard facts about the top 4 retailers. Because last time I checked u don't have access to that info do u

True_Samurai3774d ago (Edited 3774d ago )


Okay.... Now when the numbers are in favor of sony no one complains. But when one shows that x1 conquers ps4. Now all of a sudden the person who's doing it is a Xbox fanboy? And remember last time when the real numbers were shown it showed that both x and ps4 Were actually higher. From what I've been seeing on N4G PS fanboys cling more than x fans. Get over yourself... Just saying can't be a hypocrite about it

morganfell3774d ago (Edited 3774d ago )

Then you didn't check very well. The info is always there. Here:

Amazon bestsellers for all of March to date and updated hourly:


PS4 is the top seller for the month so far with 5 days to go.

Just for comparison, here are the current Amazon bestsellers updated hourly. These numbers affect the overall Monthly total listed above.


Walmart: Current bestsellers, updated hourly. I have checked this every day since February. The PS4 has been in number 1 and the PS3 in number 2 every day. So unless the X1 jumped into the top spot and then jumped out while I was asleep then it hasn't changed much. The highest the X1 moved was number 4.


Gamestop: Current Bestsellers updated hourly. I have checked this several times a day since the last week of February. The two PS4 bundles have been 1 and 2 and have not moved from those spots.


Bestbuy: Current Bestsellers updated hourly. Only in the last 2 days did the X1 move from 3rd place to 1st.


Bernlock3774d ago (Edited 3774d ago )


So you are basing your cold hard "facts" on what a best seller lists that u look at "several times a day" and has no actual concrete numbers. O ok that makes perfect sense

creatchee3774d ago


And here is something that also isn't a rumor. It's hard cold unpleasant (at least for you) fact.

No matter how many sales links you post... no matter how many times you point out resolutions and frame rates... no matter how many times you bring up ESRAM... and certainly no matter how many times you degrade and spew your vitriol about a console that you have no interest in ever purchasing, lots of people are buying Xbox Ones. Many more people will buy Xbox Ones in the future. And most, if not all of them are enjoying and will be enjoying their purchases.

I'm sorry if this offends you, but at least you can now carry on your campaign, comfort in the knowledge that everything you say doesn't and won't change anything.

Evilsnuggle3774d ago (Edited 3774d ago )

Congratulations xbone fans on the most hardware sold worldwide . This is not a surprise to me . I Said repeatedly that xbone would probably out sell PS4 worldwide for 2 weeks. But I also said after Titanfall 360 is released xbone sells will tumble tumble and fall again. PS4 fans should not be surprised this is Microsoft biggest game of the year . Titanfall is the biggest xbone game until halo 5. Now the bad news Titanfall is under performing. I think that Microsoft though it would sale more x1. Than is why the titinfall 360 version delay . Now that Titanfall has launched an didn't sale a million or more xbones now what. It took xbone biggest title next to halo 5 just to barely out sell PS4 for two weeks. Titanfall is the most hyped game of next generation. Every time I look at tv, youtube and the Internet I see a titanfail advertisement. Look how much Money spent on advertising did it take for Microsoft just to barely out sell PS4 . Tons of money on advertisement Price cut, free games and free xbox live just to tie PS4. What is Microsoft going to do now . Xbone doesn’t have A system seller in site until halo 5 . PS4 is still sold out and selling like hotcake . Microsoft is in deep trouble I don't think xbone will sell 8 million in 2014 Microsoft said 10 million but if Titanfall didn't sale over a million xbone what will. It going to be a long hard time until halo 5. PS4 will sell more than 12 million in 2014 xbone won't sell 8 million. PS4 still has The Order this year for the holidays . The Order 1886 will be Sony's biggest game of the year and will sale more than Titanfall no x1. Bookmark this page

morganfell3774d ago

I know people are buying an Xbox. It is just more people are buying PS4s. That's a cold hard fact that you can't accept.

The PS4 ios a more powerful machine. That's another hard fact you can't accept.

And as for sales, if the PS4 is being reported as leading in the EU, with the only questionable territory being the UK (And that is odd because the PS4 has easily beaten the X1 at Amazon UK), and it is repeatedly ahead in the US at the major retailers minus 2 days at one retailer, and it is running unopposed in Japan,well the math is easy at that point. So yes that is factual whether you want to accept it or not. It is fairly difficult for it to obviously lead the largest territory yet by VGChatz magic numbers it trails.

It might be unpleasant for you so just keep clinging to that VGChartz number and watch it get revised again. And again. And again.

The people that do not want to accept reality are those that can't believe Titanfall wasn't the X1 salvation they had been led to believe. That's why the 360 version was delayed. Titanfall didn't pump up the X1 sales like they hoped. Face it, when you can't knock the PS4 out of the top two slots at Gamestop on the day you launch Titanfall, then you are in real trouble.

Boody-Bandit3774d ago (Edited 3774d ago )

Some of you guys need to take a breath and stop and think. If MS was doing the numbers they were hoping for? Does anyone honestly think they would've reduced themselves to bundling their biggest exclusive this year, TitanFall, with the X1 and than dropping the price a week after launch of said bundle by $50 dollars?

MS, unlike vgchartz, know the real deal. Right now they are reeling and doing everything they can just trying to not let Sony get further and further away from them. That's the reality of the situation. If not we wouldn't have witnessed the fastest price drop in gaming history for a home console.

TheGreatAndPowerful3774d ago

This site is never right...ever so why keep posting this worthless spam?

Rimfro3774d ago

@morganfell: You seriously have checked all of those sites multiple times daily, since Feb., to compare console hardware sales? You care THAT much? I can't imagine taking time out of my day just to check that. That's pretty hardcore.

abzdine3774d ago

man only 20000 more consoles worldwide?
I expect PS4 sales to double at least with infamous and MGS release which will place it around 300000 sales if stocks allow it while x1 sales will go back to normal around 70000 worldwide this week.

Cupid_Viper_33774d ago (Edited 3774d ago )

First off, let's congratulate MS on managing to edge out the PS4 for this week, on a global scale. A victory is a victory regardless of the margin really. But the Scale of this victory is what isn't ideal for Microsoft.

On that same note though, this is quite close to the scenario I had painted for EA and Microsoft, also to some of the most overzealous Xbox supporters on here (not the regular xbox fans).

Those overzealous fans were going around saying how Titanfall is a system seller, and how it is going to help the XBox One sell close to a million units and close the gap with the PS4. Now that didn`t even come close to happen. in reality, Titanfall only managed to move just 81,000 more Xbox Ones then the normal numbers at 75,000. So 108% more of 75,000 is 81,000, and you add them up and you get 156,000. Meanwhile the PS4 only sold 23,000 less units while still being hard to find.

Now please keep in mind that in Japan alone, since February 22, 2014 up to now, the PS4 has sold some 442,000 units. Now the XBox One has only sold 308,966 units WORLDWIDE since in that same time frame. 79,419 + 74,441 + 155,106 = 308,966 Xbox sold.

So please guys, please be very careful before blowing this out of proportion. PS4 Japan = 442,000 units sold Since Feb 22 vs XBox One worldwide = 309,000 units sold since Feb 22.

These numbers mean that ultimately, Titanfall did very little to help the Xbox One, and you can bet that Microsoft are disappointed. It is not the system seller they were hoping it would be. Matter of fact, I`m thinking that they`ve spent more money in Marketing and securing Titanfall than they will ever get out of the game.

phinch3773d ago

This comment wasn't really thought through was it? at most it would be 4 million now, were your getting that extra 200k from i have no idea

creatchee3773d ago (Edited 3773d ago )


The PS4 has more hardware-related raw power than the Xbox One. I accept that, just as I have accepted it since the specs were confirmed.

The PS4 is outselling the Xbox One by a considerable margin. I accept that, just as I have since the numbers started coming in.

What I can not and will not accept is that any of those facts should affect my or anybody else's enjoyment of either system. However, there is you and people just like you out there who can't accept that and go on your holy crusades AGAINST something rather than supporting what you bought and believe in. That's not loving what you have - it's hating what you don't. And it's ridiculous.

D-riders3773d ago

Did you say Kinect sports will boost sales. What shit you smoking

SilentNegotiator3773d ago (Edited 3773d ago )

A game that's supposed to "save" the Xbone and only got it a lousy 20K above Ps4 (and probably won't last a week)? A game that was supposed to be "one of the biggest of the year" barely sold a million on two platforms? A game that MS spent likely dozens of millions to secure as an exclusive only managed a million? A game that supposedly pushed a million Xbones only sold 900K of ITSELF on Xbone (and in reality, only 155K of hardware - gee, what a system seller!)? A game that they spent millions and millions on advertising (thus also buying themselves lots of good reviews, despite the awful AI, lack of modes at launch, being COD with mechs, etc)?

Great job, Microsoft!

dantesparda3773d ago

ok so where does VGCharts even get there numbers from? Cuz i was comparing some Media Create numbers with there Japanese numbers and VGchartz numbers were lower than Media Creates for the PS4 and we all know that VG changes their numbers to match NPDs after they are published. So again where do they get their numbers from?

LexHazard793773d ago


The charts is from week ending March 15th tho. Its now March 26 so yeah Chris is right in a way! It def probably over 4mil now! I read article and came away with same conclusion on numbers. You can say samething for PS4 or any other product in the charts!

Not starting nothing but 70+ disagrees for something that is true if you thought it out before you clicked away!