Hi-Rez Studios Releases Smite in North America and Europe

John Finch writes: "Smite, the long time free beta from Hi-Rez Studio, has officially launched today in North America and Europe. Smite has been in beta since 2012 and is launching alongside an exciting tournament being held in Atlanta. They have also listed out a bunch of cool stats about the beta, ranging from the 1.1 Billion total player kills or the 1,000 collective years we have spent waiting on our Gods to respawn. You can see their new cinematic teaser below."

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oIITSBIIo3713d ago (Edited 3713d ago )

I love this studio cause they made Tribes Ascend and I hate them after they stopped supporting the game because of Smite .
I understand that tribes was not that good in term of financial profit for the studio compared to Smite but they can't dumb the fan of Tribes like that at least they should've released Modkit or workshop on steam .

nutcrackr3713d ago

I agree with this, it seemed like they pulled out of Tribes Ascend almost right after it hit its peak.


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