Germany Weekly Chart Ending 3/15/2014

PS4 4,919 (-24%) 355,453
3DS 4,639 (-14%) 1,828,085
XOne 3,735 (+60%) 162,654
PS3 2,359 (-22%) 4,452,218
X360 1,332 (-4%) 3,109,807
WiiU 1,282 (-17%) 218,935
PSV 1,067 (-3%) 249,736
Wii 511 (-17%) 5,061,277
PSP 372 (-15%) 1,942,055
Total 20,216 (-9%)

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Kribwalker3743d ago

That's pretty terrible numbers across the board for a country of almost 82 million people. Must not be a very video game interested country

Benjaminkno3743d ago

That's not really a bad thing. Germany is in better shape than the United States.

And Americans binge on video games, but maybe there's no correlation. Honestly, they do seem like more of a distraction as I get older.
Too much of anything is never good.

I was playing KillZone one night when I heard a guy yelling at a little kid to leave him alone. It was unpleasant, not that I knew the circumstances.

GentlemenRUs3743d ago (Edited 3743d ago )



Also I have a German friend and latley he's been away form gaming now to try and live a better life, It's called choices :P

Lowsnamebrand3743d ago

I hate gaming online and hearing a baby cry for 5 minutes or longer strait... Wtf put down the controller, go and take care of your kid, younger sibling, ect...

If I'm online and my son is up and needing anything, down goes the controller and up I go to take care of his needs.

LexHazard793743d ago

Slight knock on Americans!

lelo3743d ago

"That's pretty terrible numbers across the board for a country of almost 82 million people"

Yep, not very good numbers... and it's the 4th biggest gaming market of the world (after USA, UK and Japan), if I'm not mistaken.

Chrischi19883743d ago

As a german living in germany I can assure you, that people go nuts over gaming over here. The numbers simply represent, what most people on here try to deny and that is, that the whole market is in trouble. All the console manufacturers sold their consoles bad. Even the PS4 did not great. This has nothing to do with shortages of the ps4, there are enough ps4s to get now. The whole market struggles... why? Nobody wants to buy old gen anymore, cuz its outdated, but then just a few want current gen, because there are not enough games, for a pricetag like that.

TristanPR773743d ago ShowReplies(1)
pornflakes3743d ago

PPL in Germany have no time for video games, they are working ^^

Evilsnuggle3743d ago (Edited 3743d ago )

actually German's and Europeans Work less hours and make more money than Americans. German's and European countries also receive 30 vacation a year. Americans Only receive 2 weeks. Germany is a pro worker country. America is a pro business country. Americans are stupid love big business and business should pay workers what every they want that is coming from a American from new jersey.

LexHazard793743d ago

American recieve more than 2 weeks. It goes by how long youve been at a job. It starts with one week, then two and so on! But to get to 30 days it would take you a long time or you probably a CEO or HR executive or something! I get no vacation at work but get 3 months off due to winter! So thats my vacation time. I do most of my gaming from Dec-end of March!

Working less and making more is one of the things ive always like about Europe and the education system seems much faster to. My first online gaming(when xbix live 1st launched) friend was from Europe at 16 he was already in college!

Chrischi19883743d ago (Edited 3743d ago )

More money? I wouldnt sign that. You forget, that in germany we pay almost 40% tax. I as a electrotech. engineering student here in germany can tell you, that as a student, it is hard to find a good paid side job.

Average worktime per week in germany is 40 hours, meaning 8 hours per day, in a 5 workday week. I am not sure, but I never heard from my american relatives, that they work more than 8.

Belasco3743d ago (Edited 3743d ago )

Well, hardware could be under tracked a good bit, seems VG has been off more than usual this gen.

plasticidolatry3743d ago

They had PS4 at 5.8 mil when they announced 6 mil. Pretty close but a bit undertracked. As usual take it with a big grain of salt.

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