Videogames do not reflect the feelings of consumers, says Lanning

Oddworld Inhabitants president Lorne Lanning has told that the majority of videogames do not reflect the passionate feelings held by consumers.

Lanning believes the race to develop new technology is holding back videogames from developing as a true cultural art form. And he pointed to recent steps by the Videogame Voters Network as a prime example of an industry out of touch with its own consumers.

"We're constantly under attack in the industry by politicians looking for cheap headlines, which is a very easy target. But all of a sudden we have the Videogame Voters Network which starts up and the politicians see that when they attack games they get hundreds of thousands of emails letting them know they're being watched," said Lanning.
"Here's a sector of the population that has a lot of strong feelings, but for the most part the games medium isn't reflecting any of that. What's popular in the game medium is just reflecting the propaganda line - 'These are the bad terrorists, go kill them.' Are we adding to the desensitisation or doing something to sensitise an issue and make the experience richer and give it more meaning?" he asked.
Lanning feels that opportunities are wasted in the games industry to really discuss the medium and its ability to inspire. He suggests that developers are too busy creating new features and new technology to look at the bigger picture of games as part of the cultural landscape...

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calderra4450d ago

Says the maker of Oddworld, whose last game featured a rogue cowboy trying to find salvation.

Teapot, meet kettle.