PixelJunk News Tomorrow On Playstation Blog

The Sixth Axis writes:

"Dylan has emailed us to say we've to keep an eye on the Official PlayStation Blog tomorrow for an important Pixeljunk announcement, which is supposed to be something quite special. We quizzed Dylan on what this might be, but he's keeping tight lipped, and wouldn't even give us the first letter..."

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Skerj5606d ago (Edited 5606d ago )

It's going to be about Eden.

thePatriot5606d ago

but I hope for some info on dungeons. or atleast some at e3. I will buy eden but looking for dungeons more

Surfman5606d ago

an easy mode for pixeljunk monster?!


PixelJunk Eden 2 Review | Goomba STomp | A Well-Designed Treat for the Senses

PixelJunk Eden 2 manages the perfect balance between engaging gameplay and a relaxing, entrancing audiovisual experience.

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2337d ago
2337d ago

First Ever PayPal Gaming Sale Features PixelJunk Bundle, ‘Don’t Starve’

PayPal is probably the last company I was expecting to start selling games for cheap, but with deals like these, it’s tough to complain. By using Paypal to as your payment method, you’ll be able to score deals on a number of gaming goods like the PixelJunk Bundle, Don’t Starve and its early access DLC, Xbox Live Gold cards, Razr Mouse Pads, and much, much more.

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GentlemenRUs3469d ago

Paypal screwed me over too many times so I stopped using them, This will not change anything.

- Before you hit that Disagree button, Think! Is it worth it? Reply to why you disagree with me.

redknight803469d ago

I have only ever used Paypal for my ebay stuff, is that where they screwed you over? I am curious to know what happened so I can be cautious myself, thanks in advance.

GentlemenRUs3469d ago (Edited 3469d ago )

People using false claims to get there money back for something that isn't true at all.

Ebay didn't do anything about it, He got away with it...

Guy said item was faulty, Got item back and was in fully working order... He committed Fraud... Ebay stuck the finger in my face and let him get away with it.

- Before you hit that Disagree button, Think! Is it worth it? Reply to why you disagree with me.

annus3469d ago

Sounds like it was ebay, not paypal... The exact same thing could have happened if you used a bank account instead of paypal.

And if you got the item back, how was it fraud? Maybe it just didn't work for him for some reason.

uberbelly3469d ago

I too, would like to know. How was thou screwed?

redknight803468d ago

Yeah, I agree with annus (lol) that this seems more of an Ebay issue than Paypal. Did you end up getting your money back or did you only just get your item back and nothing more? Unfortunate as it is, scamming on Ebay seems kind of easy from what I have heard of and I sell on Ebay sometimes so I am quite cautious. Thanks for your information though, more reason to be cautious, I guess.

Bengaroo3469d ago

I had Paypal charge a credit card that I had deleted (all traces of) 12 months earlier. I even threatened (and genuinely considered) legal action, but decided to simply close my account instead.

They also (along with Ebay) took money from my account from an Ebay sale when the buyer claimed he never received the item (I am fine with these rules). When that buyer was found to be a fraud and have his account banned, they still didn't refund my money.

Paypal are evil.

uberbelly3469d ago

Always ship with tracking/delivery confirmation. I had this happen to me as well. I wouldn't say PayPal was at fault here. It's the shippers responsibility to prove the item was shipped/received.

vickers5003468d ago (Edited 3468d ago )

Just to add to the paypal sucks club:

If you have more than one credit/debit card on paypal, and you have already linked your bank account, EVEN IF YOU SELECT A DIFFERENT DEBIT CARD AT CHECKOUT, IT WILL CHARGE YOUR BANK ACCOUNT NO MATTER WHAT.

I ordered a Wii U on ebay (from neweggs ebay page) and when paypal came up, I selected my parents card to pay for it (needed it because it was a flash sale and I didn't have the money in my account, but did have it in cash), and then for some reason, it charged to my debit card anyway, the one that I had linked to my paypal account, with no funds, despite the fact that I specifically chose my parents card at checkout. I ended up having to pay a 22 dollar overdraft fee from my bank account because of their terrible, sneaky system, which I don't know if it is deliberate, or just horrible site design, but it's some bullcrap that hasn't changed.

Here's a thread about it that shows other people with the same problem: https://www.paypal-communit...

Now I try and stay away from using paypal as much as I can.