Sony May Allow Pre-Loading Games Before Launch Day on PS4

Following suit with services like Steam and Origin, available exclusively to the PC, your PlayStation 4 console may allow you to load your pre-ordered digital downloads before release so that you may play them at 12:01 AM on launch day.

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Mikey322302644d ago

Is this not the same as pre-downloading the games?

I thought this was available?

Didnt The Last of Us use it?

and Call of Duty: Ghosts?

Nitrowolf22644d ago

I think that was just for the EU, not worldwide which was dumb. It's not common on the ps4 though, if at all there aren';t any.

XtraTrstrL2644d ago

FFXIV beta let you pre-download. I was thinking about it alot when I was anticipating downloading Infamous at 3AM. Then like the next day there was that interview with one of the Infamous devs saying that pre-downloading wouldn't be here until April. Good to see them moving more quickly.

kopicha2644d ago

This was "supposed" to be part of PS4 feature. Go back and watch the announcement video again and Mark did mentioned about it. Just that it is not out at launch since it would take time to build a system that can intelligently make this work.

FamilyGuy2644d ago

"Following suit with services like Steam and Origin,"

This article is stupid, the PS3 was doing this first. What they should be emphasizing is if the PS4 will start doing it with every* digital game release rather than just seeing it every once in a while/randomly on a PS3 game.

zerogotit2644d ago

The ps3 didnt do that first what are you talking about?

Omar912644d ago

thats pretty sick if true. That'll def. make digital downloads even more popular then they already are.

Doge2644d ago

Having the option to pre-load a few days before launch is a good idea if they're looking to push digital distribution.

BitbyDeath2644d ago

EU Blog also confirmed details of the new firmware to be announced in the next few weeks.

"Firmware – We’ll confirm details soon. Not far off, but weeks rather than days."

So should hopefully mean we get the update next month.

KwietStorm_BLM2644d ago

Sucker Punch more or less let it slip that we'll be getting pre-loading next month, likely with that firmware. I only say so because it was a completely separate interview when they said it, on top of Sony saying many more features are coming in the firmware, whereas they only detailed the sharing and HDCP updates.

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The story is too old to be commented.