Project Spark loses Spark Time microtransactions, introduces Spark Premium

Microsoft's added 3-month, 6-month, and 12-month Spark Premium purchase options to the existing 1-day and 1-month options, making Project Spark into a more subscription-centric experience rather than one defined by piecemeal purchases.

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Whitey2k2370d ago (Edited 2370d ago )

Pay to play nice!!

@Kingthrash360 I own a ps4 and got blacklight retribution we all know thats f2p but the point is to us is if u get a new gun or armour on blacklight u get to keep it forever I think ms is screwing you all this shouldnt even be subscription considering you pay live already and again paying this over n over by 3 or 6 even 12 months

Kingthrash3602370d ago (Edited 2370d ago )

man i hear about the imminent price drop and consider actually buying it around christmas...then a game like this reminds me why its not for me.
i know ps4 had this practice but not many, and the free 2 play games are actually free to play. with live you gotta pay to play to pay to play....2 pay walls, 1 game.
this will kill console gaming if it spreads like mayo on a B.L.T.
i just want to pay 60 bucks or less and put my wallet away these subs and micro trans need to go imo.

Lord_Santa2370d ago

In my eyes this shouldn't even subscription based. It should be $60 and that's it. It won't gain as big a community as Little Big Planet did because of this. It just feels like a cheap cash in with customers paying for Live as well.

LambOfLucifer792370d ago

How are you being downvoted? Do you guys like NOT saving money?

christian hour2370d ago

Woah I had no idea this was pay to play. I hope microsoft come to their senses and stop putting things like netflix, and F2P games behind their subscription pay wall.

And before someone chimes in and says,

"Well I'm paying the sub already to play online",

you have to think about people other than yourself, plenty of kids out there who aren't allowed play online because some people make it a hostile environment, and plenty of other folk who just don't play multiplayer online at all.

This is one of the worst F2P models I've ever heard of, I know some are pretty bad with Pay to Win models, and its an outrage, but "pay to create?" What the hell is that?! I think the Project Spark team need to have a little sit down with Media Molecule.

Give players a huge base game and then release DLC building packs at fairly low prices to offer people variety in the months and years after launch.

Plenty of great F2P games you can enjoy without having to pay a penny if you don't want to, and without missing out on the full package. War Thunder is always my go to example as it's a great F2P game on PC and Console that I feel did everything right.

I'm not a MOBA fan but League of Legends is another good example of a good F2P model.

Project Spark has been greatly diminished in my eyes after hearing this news, I was looking forward to picking it up eventually whenever I get around to getting an xbone.

malokevi2370d ago

@christian hour

er.... this is free to play. You can opt in to subscription for the full package, or buy things with microtransactions. but there is more than enough there for anyone to build an awesome game for free.

Also, you dont need XBL gold to download and play it.


Gazondaily2370d ago

This just seems overly convoluted to me. Why not just charge full price for the game and unlock the content? This might just detract potential purchasers. Silly move imo.

christian hour2370d ago


You don't need XBL Gold to download and play it? Thanks for clearing that up, was this a recent change on microsofts part?

I was under the impression that all online gaming features were behind the sub, including F2P games, netflix, facebook, twitter etc.

If this is not the case anymore and MS have had the heart to change things for the better, I'm very happy to hear this :)

Thanks for clearing that up for me ;)

Patrick_pk442370d ago

@Septic Because this is Microsoft, everything is behind a pay wall.

dcbronco2370d ago

Is disappointing that they are charging to play the game. Acting as if it's free and then limiting it is disingenuous. But all of the people pretending Sony doesn't charge for PSN on PS$ are just being naive or fanboyish. Paying to get online is paying no matter what. Few buy a console for strictly offline play. So PS4 is really no different. The reality is you're going to pay the annual fee. But this time limit decision makes Project Spark a game I won't spend much time on now. Unless there is something to it to really pull me in. I'll lose interest quick.

PoSTedUP2370d ago (Edited 2370d ago )

@dcbronco- the f2p games on ps4 they are talking about, you dont need to pay for, you dont need a subscription, even the online MP ones. /end.

the best LBP imo is LBPvita, its $30 and free online, really good support and the only DLC i payed for was the timesaver bundle (so i can start buiding levels right away) but you can get everything you nee to build from the story mode, Nothing is behind a paywall.

i thought PS had potential, id hate to see it turn into a subscription. MS can very well have their own LBP, but i think they sould try to compete with LBP3 bc i think it is going to be amazing and i doubt it will have a sub to create games.

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Priestwithgun2370d ago

I guess you don't know what spark time is,if someone has made game with free content or with content that you have purchased already,spark time barrier is not there,just telling ya

joab7772370d ago (Edited 2370d ago )

Sub is always better than f2p...but I do like the free to level 20 or so like a demo. But of its f2p like son many want for ESO, it will be ruined by a gazillion microtransactions and segregated by those who r willing to shell out hundreds a month and those who r not.

malokevi2370d ago

Blacklight is a sad excuse for a COD clone. That game is just awful. It should never so much as be brought up in conversation, never mind played by anyone who wants to retain some semblance of their sanity.

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ArbitorChief2370d ago

Well if it's priced right, I'd be down for it. Say $5 per month or $30 per year.

nutcrackr2370d ago

Sounds overly convoluted. Is project spark attracting big player numbers?

slivery2370d ago

It won't be now that is for sure.

urwifeminder2370d ago

Ha ha good luck with that MS I cant see many people paying for this an awful experience.

Charybdis2370d ago (Edited 2370d ago )

Me neither think most will only use the free 2 play options and not use the Premium paid service. Why pay for extra experience and ability to play levels with downloadable content. Not sure if content makers will earn some of this money which could effect my opinion on the new model.

WeAreLegion2370d ago

Um... What? Pump the brakes there. This is not what I wanted. I loved the beta, but this is off putting. I stopped playing Disney Infinity when I realized how much they nickle and dime you for additional content. WAY overpriced figures.

Charybdis2370d ago (Edited 2370d ago )

Not on the beta but why you think that their previous Nicle and dime method with so called spark time is better then offering one subscription for acces to all premium content. I am interesten in to how you see the devide between the free and paid stuff in project spark?

LexHazard792370d ago

I got you, I guess if I were a fan of F2P games witb subs I would want something like what they offer here. Its not like other sub games. Where you pay $15 a month and still have to pay for other things in game aswell. With this game you pay a sub and everything is available for you to use!! Well thats my understanding of article anyways!

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