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When the Xbox One was announced the presentation was filled with a bravado and bluster I felt Microsoft had not earned. It almost felt like Microsoft were telling consumers what the future of gaming was, as opposed to asking what they wanted. That bit them in the ass of course and over the next few months Microsoft listened to customer feedback and edited the proposition of the Xbox One to suit customer needs.

There were still one or two sticky issues for me in relation to the Xbox One:

A :) It’s 499.99 price tag

B :) The always on nature of Kinect – the Microsoft mini-spy

I was unsure if these two issues would hamper my experience of the Xbox One. Luckily I’m here to tell you that neither deters me from recommending Microsofts newest console not only to die-hard Xbox fans, but to many other folks on the fence at the outset of this generation.

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Gozer1670d ago

Not a very thorough review, and the reviewer isn't taking full advantage what the X1 offers. I would recommend that the reviewer connects his/he cable box, surround sound system and tv to the X1. This will allow him/her to control his/her entre entertainment system with voice control. Secondly, a play and charge kit is in no way required. I use regular rechargeable batteries and never have to be tethered by a wire to the X1. Also the X1s controller has better battery life than the 360, not the other way around. Also, I wouldn't recommend using the usb port on the side as a portal for another game system. It wasnt built with that in mind and likely reduces image quality.

famoussasjohn1669d ago (Edited 1669d ago )

The charge cable is necessary for the update if you planned on using a headset which required the update to the controller forthe headset adapter. The cable may have come with the newer headsets (they came with my XO Sevens), but you'd have to obtain that cable if you don't have one available to do the update.

etownone - While true, some people do not use devices that use the micro-USB to charge their phones (iDevice users). They shouldn't rely on the consumer to have that cable in order to do updates on your controller.

etownone1669d ago

It's just a mini usb cable, the same one that most cell phones and other electronic equipment use these days.

darthv721670d ago

from the article:

"I don’t believe in console wars. I think people who get involved in console wars are usually insecure about their decision and want to justify their purchase by any means necessary. That means is usually deriding the competing product. A place exists for both the Playstation 4 and Xbox One in the current console ecosystem and I can recommend both for different reasons. If you have to choose one, neither is a bad choice. Just don’t be one of those dicks that slanders the other to abate your insecurities."

What an interesting way to summarize the situation.

Red0eye0ceo1669d ago

The kinect doesn't always have to be on...

mrpsychoticstalker1669d ago

Its actually $449 . Havent you read the news?

Happy with my Xbox One!

MasterCornholio1669d ago

I thought that was a promotional deal that only lasted 30 minutes.

Drewidian1669d ago

The promotional Deal for $399 that lasted only 30 minutes was for a bundled XBox One with either Titanfall or Forza. The Xbox One Bundle with Titanfall is regular price at $450.

etownone1669d ago

Still on ..

$449 for Titanfall or Forza bundle.

MasterCornholio1669d ago


Thanks for clearing that up.

ZombieDust1669d ago

Lomg boot times? This guy unplugging or cold starting His console everytime? My xbox is at the menu almost immediately