Resistance Online Play Isn't Quite Yet Buzzing

From Kotaku: "Brand new console and new game, but no one to play with. Sad, but true. Yes, I do know a few other people here in Japan with a PS3 and Resistance, but I wanted to check out the various facets of online play earlier today. Besides clans and whatnot, there are several different modes: Team-based Games (includes "Breach, Meltdown, Capture the Flag and Team Deathmatch") and Free-for-all Games (includes "Deathmatch and Conversion mode games"). I tried to get in on a Free-for-all, but the game's matchmaker couldn't find a game. Same with the Team-based mode. Sure, the game, the console and the network are still wet behind the ears. Plus it was mid afternoon when I did this, so I'll check back later this evening. Hopefully, it'll have a pulse then"

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DJ4449d ago

There's gotta be someone online, unless of course a bunch of the units are still in the mail. Maybe Ridge Racer's having more luck.

kmis874449d ago

Only 15,000 copies of Resistance were sold I think. I have a feeling that while the Japanese are probably playing more Gundam and RR7, Americans will fill up the games come the 17th.

Captain Tuttle4449d ago

15,000 people is alot. It's kind of surprising the guy couldn't find ONE game going on.

scriptkiddie4449d ago

Do you love FREE online

maybe everyone is watching their blue-ray movies.

Dlacy13g4449d ago (Edited 4449d ago )

for Japan that is. RFOM is squarely aimed at Western audiences and I doubt it will have a big following in Japan. I would think the Gundam game would have more activity online in Japan than RFOM.

kmis874449d ago

You'd be right, but Gundam doesn't have an online mode, which was the main point against it in that first review that came out. Ridge Racer 7 has online, and there are probably more people playing that.

Dlacy13g4449d ago

Didn't realize Gundam was missing online. I just kinda assumed it would have it. Anyway, given that then yes I would assume RR7 would be the online title of choice in Japan right now. I will be curious to hear how that experience is.

I am very curious about RFOM online and how it actually performs with real world users, etc.

kmis874449d ago

Yeah, I think games this generation should all come with some sort of online multiplayer whenever it is possible.

But apparently in the Japanese market online gameplay hasn't caught on as much as in the west. Case in point, Motorstorm is launching in Japan in December, but it is coming in February to the US so online modes have more time to be implemented.

BIadestarX4449d ago (Edited 4449d ago )

Well, thats because most people bought the PS3 to put on EBay or re-sell it. I'm sure that once the PS3 is widely available and no one buying the PS3 to rip of another soul there will be people to play online with(how many that's a different issue).

NextGen24Gamer4448d ago much for it being an AAA title. I think in the USA Resistance will still only get 10 to 20% of the 400k. Thats 15k in Japan and 50k in America. WOW... a game that only sells 65k. Ha ha ha ha ha...WOW... Ridge Racer won't sell well in the USA. Does anyone know how many copies of Ridge Racer 7 sold in Japan?

kmis874448d ago (Edited 4448d ago )

Ridge Racer 7 and Gundam both sold about 30k units.

I think your American numbers are low. You don't seem to be taking into account the preferences of American gamers vs Japanese gamers. They don't tend to go for FPS's, just look at Halo. Resistance will sell better in America, and Gundam will sell better in Japan.

And btw, you never responded to my post in the screenshot comparison article. You know the one where you called me a clueless fanboy, gave me a biased link that didn't even prove what I asked you to prove, and then I provided a link that gave a thorough breakdown of how your link was complete rubbish. I'm still waiting for your response.

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